Simple and Compound Interest (Level Easy) | Set -1

Note: All questions are of 2 marks. All the 5 questions should be solved within 8 minutes.
The SI on a sum of money is 25% of the principal, and the rate per annum is equal to the number of
years. Find the rate percent.
(a) 4.5% (b) 6%
(c) 5% (d) 8%
A certain sum of money amounts to Rs.704 in 2 years and Rs.800 in 5 years. Find the principal.
(a)Rs.580 (b)Rs.600
(c)Rs.660 (d) Rs.640
A sum of money was invested at SI at a certain rate for 3 years. Had it been invested at a 4% higher rate,
it would have fetched Rs.480 more. Find the principal.
(a)Rs.4000 (b)Rs.4400
(c)Rs.5000 (d)Rs.3500
The population of Jhumri Tilaiya increases by 10% in the first year, it increases by 20% in the
second year and due to mass exodus, it decreases by 5% in the third year. What will be its
population after 3 years, if today it is 10,000?
(a) 11,540 (b) 13,860
(c) 12,860 (d) 12,540
In what time will Rs.3300 become Rs.3399 at 6% per annum interest compounded half-yearly?
(a) 6 months (b) 1 year
(c)1.5 year (d) 3 months

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