BJP’s conquest of India’s Northeast

The BJP has annexed(कब्जा कर लिया) the country’s northeast as well. Its trouncing of the long-entrenched CPI(M) in Tripura is, indeed, the most remarkable feat(कमाल/साहसिक कार्य) of the recent elections. Among northeastern states, Assam and Tripura stand out for being insular to the general tendency(प्रवृत्ति/रुझान) for governments of the region to be aligned with the ruling party at the Centre. Tripura also stands out for being able to maintain(बनाए रखना) law and order without the help of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act since 2015, as political management, rather than the use of force, had proved sufficient to produce and maintain amity(मित्रता/मेल-जोल) among Hindu, Muslim, Bengali, immigrant(आप्रवासी/अन्य देश से आकर बसने वाला) and local tribal populations. In Nagaland, BJP’s emergence as the force that will form the government is in line with the region’s centripetal attraction(केंद्र आकर्षण) to New Delhi. The same factor is likely to help the party form the government in Meghalaya as well, where it has got just two seats on its own, but the Congress has fallen well short of a majority(बहुमत/अधिकांश).

The Congress has been wiped(सफाया) out in Tripura, as it had been in Bengal. The BJP has emerged as the number two in Bengal, pushing the Left to the third place. Going by the by-election result in Orissa, there, too, the BJP has emerged(उभरा/प्रकट होना) as the challenger to Naveen Patnaik, displacing the Congress. But it would be a mistake to read into the northeastern election results a foregone verdict(मत/निर्णय) in favour of the BJP in 2019.Elections to Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan during 2018 will reflect the electoral mood better. However, that the rout of the Congress in three of these very assembly elections in 2003 did not prevent the formation of a Congress-led UPA government in 2004 testifies(साक्षी/बयान करना) to the glorious(उत्तम/महान) uncertainties(अनिश्चितताओं/तबदीली) of Indian politics.The Left has to do some soul-searching — even if its theoreticians(विचारक/सिद्धांतकारों) will deride(उपहास करना/ताना देना) the concept of the soul(आत्मा की अवधारणा). Salvation in some distant post-revolutionary(क्रांतिकारी/राज्य-परिवर्तन-संबंधी) utopia(आदर्शलोक/सुखशान्ति का स्थान या स्थिति is not what the people want. They want the jobs and material(सामग्री/भौतिक) progress globalised(भूमंडलीकृत), capitalist growth delivers, apart from deliverance(बचाव/मुक्ति) from the combination of patronage(संरक्षण/प्रतिपालन) and intimidation(धमकी) Left politics stood(खड़ा रहना) for in the east.

(Important Vocabulary)

1.Feat(कमाल/साहसिक कार्य)
Synonyms: accomplishment, adventure, deed, exploit, performancestar
Antonyms: defeat, failure, forfeit, loss, cessation

Synonyms: alien, foreigner, migrant, newcomer, settler
Antonyms: citizen, national, native, local

Synonyms: clean, dry, dust, erase, mop
Antonyms: dirty

4.Emerged(उभरा/प्रकट होना)
Synonyms: appear, arrive, come up, crop up, develop
Antonyms: abandon, decrease, disappear, drop, fall

5.Deride(उपहास करना
Synonyms: disdain, disparage, mock, ridicule, scoff
Antonyms: admire, approve, compliment, flatter, praise

Synonyms: aegis, auspices, backing, encouragement, financing
Antonyms: attack, blockage, disapproval, discouragement, harm

Synonyms: emancipation, salvation, acquittal, delivery, extrication
Antonyms: hold


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