By standing by Hadiya, court defends rights

By standing by Hadiya, court defends rights

It is unlikely that the Supreme Court timed its judgment in the Hadiya case for the International Women’s Day. But it is apposite(विशेष) that the court should annul on this very day a high court order that says “a girl aged 24 years is weak and vulnerable(चपेट में/आलोचनीय), capable(सक्षम/कुशल) of being exploited(शोषित) in many ways” and “her marriage being the most important decision in her life, can also be taken only with the active involvement(भागीदारी/संयुक्त करना) of her parents”. The apex court rightly observed that it was wrong on the part of the Kerala High Court to have annulled(रद्द) Hadiya’s marriage, given her right, as an adult woman, to choose her spouse(विवाहित या विवाहिता). The court also did the right thing by allowing the National Investigation Agency to continue its investigation into any element(तत्त्व/अंश) of criminality(अपराधिता) in the circumstances(परिस्थिति/अवस्था) of the marriage.

Kerala faces a problem of Islamic radicalization(कट्टरता), with several converts to jihad from the state reported to be fighting or having died fighting in the Middle East. Political correctness has prevented(प्रतिबंध करना/बाधा डालना) mainstream political parties from taking cognizance(ध्यान में रखते/हस्तक्षेप )of this tendency(प्रवृत्ति/रुझान). Taking advantage of this silence, another extremist(उग्रवादी/गरमदलीय) tendency has been trying to demonise the state’s Muslim community, classifying any marriage of a Hindu girl with a Muslim youth as a result of conspiracy. Whether Hadiya converted as a matter of conscience(विवेक/अंतःकरण) or as a result of conspiracy(साजिश/मंत्रणा) and whether she married a Muslim youth out of love or as a result of love jihad cannot be determined in isolation(अलगाव/पृथक्रकरण) from her right as a sane adult to take all such decisions on her own.Democracy must be the basis for combating(मुकाबला) extremisms of all kind and for defending individual rights and civil liberties(स्वतंत्रता/सुविधा), including the right for people to marry across caste and religious lines. Kerala would appear to be in need of reasserting(साबित करना/पुष्टि करना) democracy in its public life.


Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: conglomerate, consortium, corporation, gang, holding company

2.Vulnerable(चपेट में/आलोचनीय),
Synonyms: accessible, defenseless, exposed, liable, ready
Antonyms: guarded, protected, safe, secure, strong

Synonyms: abused, oppressed, overburdened, milked, overworked

4.Spouse(विवाहित या विवाहिता)
Synonyms: bride, companion, husband, man, mate
Antonyms: enemy, foe

Synonyms: abolish, abrogate, cancel, declare, delete
Antonyms: allow, approve, continue, do, enact

Synonyms: assets, capital, chances, class, command
Antonyms: debt, poorness, poverty

Synonyms: autarchy, authorization, autonomy, birthright, choice
Antonyms: denial, dependence, hold, prohibition, refusal

Synonyms: shame, censor, compunction, demur, duty
Antonyms: immorality

Synonyms: germane, relevant, suitable, timely
Antonyms: inappropriate

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