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Once the topic has been distributed, care will be taken to read the text without taking any notes so as not to have a priori, the directions for the analysis being given by the only questions that are asked of the candidate. This is the reason why you need to pop over to this web-site, once the text has been read, one can immediately take cognizance of the questions, paying particular attention to the verbs that they contain, the latter determining the dynamics, therefore the direction to take in the response. The questions all relate to a particular skill: if the candidate is asked, for example, to express the essential idea of ​​the text, it is the ability to synthesize that will be called upon. For a question on synonymy, it is the skills related to reformulation that will be used. In all cases, the questions imply that we have understood the text, that is to say, that we are able to show how it works and to put the point of view expressed in a debate.


This quiz is based on English latest pattern and it can boost preparation .Try to do practice more on same pattern.

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