Get ready for gender lens investing

Get ready for gender lens investing

Globally(वैश्विक स्तर पर), more women are becoming wealthy and also turning out to be savvy(समझ-बूझ/कुशाग्रता) and socially-conscious(जागरूक/सचेत) investors, says a report in The Economist. A growing number of women are reported to be investing their wealth in companies that serve their core values. This is welcome. It will reduce the gender gap in wealth, and help companies that incorporate(सम्मिलित/संयुक्त) values — such as gender diversity(विभिन्नता/परिवर्तन), social and environmental goals — to attract more funds to grow. There is every reason for investors wanting to know what good or harm their money is doing to women, just as environmentally(पर्यावरण की दृष्टि से)-minded investors would want to invest in green energy projects.

Boards of Indian companies must proactively(पूरी सक्रियता) recognise(पहचानना/मान्यता देना) the trend of investors using the so-called ‘gender lens’ to make investment decisions. An internal audit to measure how they measure up would help firms shape up and reach out to the right investor. The report says if diversity in an executive team is a proxy for good management across the company, a gender lens could be a useful way to reduce(कम करना/अधीन करना) risk. So, boards must put out gender-related information — the number of women employees, salary structures, attrition(संघर्षण) rates, sexual harassment(यौन उत्पीड़न) policies and so on — to make themselves eligible(योग्य) for investment. Many women are in top positions in sectors such as banking in India. Many others are active on sustainability(स्थिरता) and ‘giving back to society’.They need to leverage this properly, draw in funds. Studies show that women are more risk-aware and less deluded(भ्रमित/मोहित) about their financial competence than men. Women also tend to get financial advice to meet specific financial goals such as buying a house, unlike men who often list outperforming the market as their investment goal. But women are willing to put their money where their values are


Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: attentive, aware, certain, cognizant, informed
Antonyms: careless, doubtful, dubious, heedless, ignorant

Synonyms: acute, calculating, cunning, discerning, experienced
Antonyms: blunt, coarse, dull, ignorant, inexperienced

3.Reduce(कम करना
Synonyms: curtail, cut, cut down, diminish, dwindle
Antonyms: compliment, develop, enlarge, expand, extend

Synonyms: erosion, abrasion, attenuation, debilitation, depreciation
Antonyms: building, happiness, strengthening

Synonyms: betrayed, deceived, duped, fooled, mistaken

Synonyms: acceptable, likely, qualified, suitable, appropriate
Antonyms: unacceptable, improper, inappropriate, ineligible, unfit



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