Defence production: The missing link

Defence production: The missing link

The Draft Defence Production Policy 2018 seeks to indigenise manufacture(स्वदेशी निर्माण) across the entire range of equipment(सामग्री/उपकरण) and platforms, in a time-bound manner. The stated objective is to boost defence production from just over Rs 55,000 crore last fiscal to Rs 1,70,000 crore by 2025, including Rs 35,000 crore in exports. But what is left unstated(अनकहा) in the policy document is how exactly to shore up innovation(नवीनीकरण) and research and development when Indian industry is not exactly forthcoming(आगामी/उपलब्ध) on new thinking and R&D.India is heavily import-dependent in defence hardware, and must better leverage the mandated offset obligations(दायित्वों/कर्तव्य) on arms suppliers to transfer technology and help local firms absorb it. The policy seeks to build a revamped(पुर्नोत्थान) and cost-competitive ecosystem for defence production with improved ease of doing business, and broad-based sourcing and vendor(विक्रेता/विक्रयी)lists.Small and medium enterprises(व्यवहार-कुशलता/जोखिम का काम) and startups would be especially encouraged(प्रोत्साहित करना) to foray (एकाएक चढ़ाई/आक्रमण)into the defence sector. The proposal is to map capability and technology in priority areas to step up engagement with industry and build up domestic expertise.

Further, two new defence corridors are proposed, with dedicated clusters(समूहों/इकट्ठा करना) to shore(किनारा/आधार) up innovative capacity. What is also called for, rightly, is revamped(पुर्नोत्थान) infrastructure for quality control and assurance. Also, close tie-ups and regular interactions(बातचीत/परस्पर प्रभाव डालना) with top-end academic and technical institutions are planned, to improve knowledge and creativity.A new aviation university is planned, and an 80-100 seater civilian aircraft, besides a chip-fabrication(चिप-निर्माण) plant. It remains to be seen how and to what extent innovation can be speeded up in Indian defence production. The point is to incentivise innovation and R&D in industry in general and not strive too hard for a putative(विख्यात/मशहूर) innovation enclave in defence.India needs to spend more on R&D, both government and industry, and involve university departments in the process, so as to make these hubs of creating new knowledge, to underpin sustained research, of the basic and applied kinds, from which defence, too, would gain.

Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: dealer, hawker, merchant, peddler, businessperson
Antonyms: customer

Synonyms:activity, business, company, firm, operation
Antonyms: idleness, abstention, certainty, entertainment, fact

Synonyms: presumed, presumptive, reputed, supposed, accepted
Antonyms: proven, real, true

Synonyms: bank, beach, border, coast, riverbank
Antonyms: center, interior, middle, inland

5.Foray (एकाएक चढ़ाई/आक्रमण)
Synonyms: inroad, invasion, raid, attack, depredation

6.Clusters(समूहों/इकट्ठा करना)
Synonyms: array, assemblage, band, batch, bunch
Antonyms: individual, one



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