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  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s private equity! Private equity has huge scope in India right now

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s private equity! Private equity has huge scope in India right now

  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s private equity! Private equity     has  huge scope in India right now

Where is private equity (PE) when India desperately(सख्त/निराशापूर्वक) needs it? The process of bankruptcy resolution(प्रस्ताव/समाधान) underway in the country cries out for large dollops of patient capital. Assets are being sold at a steep discount to their replacement cost, forcing large haircuts on banks. Asset prices would improve, banks would take lower losses and patient investors would make serious profits, if PE were to play a significantly higher role in the resolution process. Not only that, serious distress can be avoided and the Indian economy salvaged(नुक़सान होने से बचाना/मदद देना) from a paucity(कमी/न्यूनता) of competition in certain critical sectors, with timely injection of PE. Take telecom, for example. Jio’s entry has disrupted the sector, made India the number one country in mobile data consumption(खपत/उपयोग) and also pushed other players deep into debt. The government’s new telecom policy makes sensible suggestions to sharply lower the levy the government collects from telcos by way of spectrum usage charges.

Fast spread of smartphones and power in rural areas combine to produce an ecosystem in which all kinds of new digital businesses can thrive(कामयाब/फलना-फूलना). However, neither the Internet of Things nor the businesses it would make possible would materialise(अमल में लाना,/कार्यन्वित करना), if telcos fight shy of investing to upgrade data networks, say, to 5G. The solution is large dollops of capital that PE can give telcos on mutually beneficial(फायदेमंद/लाभदायक) terms. PE can avert large-scale distress to homebuyers. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is ill-suited for resolving real estate companies — it lists homebuyers as unsecured creditors. Jaypee Infratech’s homebuyers’ fate could well depend on its promoter Jaypee Associates being able to pony up the deposits demanded by the Supreme Court to prevent the company’s liquidation(निर्धारण/दिवालियापन). Many more real estate developers are likely to come up for resolution and possible liquidation. Infusion of PE funds could avoid much distress, including to the banks that have lent to homebuyers. Globally, PE reportedly sits on $970 billion of dry powder, ready to be invested. In India, too, savings pools are diversifying into PE. It is time PE realised(एहसास हुआ) its potential(क्षमता ).

Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: badly, dangerously, fiercely, greatly, perilously
Antonyms: mildly, calmly, easily, trivially

2.Salvaged(नुक़सान होने से बचाना/मदद देना)
Synonyms: reclaim, recover, redeem, regain, restore
Antonyms: abandon, forfeit, lose, endanger, harm

Synonyms: dearth, insufficiency, smallness, absence, deficiency
Antonyms: sufficiency, abundance, enough, plenty, affluence

Synonyms: drinking, expenditure, utilization, burning, damage
Antonyms: building, construction, creation, development, enlargement


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