Reasoning Test Paper 3 – (All 3 Puzzles for Bank EXAMS)




Puzzle – 1  

A family of 8 members P Q R S T U V and W among which two are couples and  three generation.

Only a married couple can have a children

  1. R is the married sibling of V
  2. P is the grandmother of W.
  3. T is the mother S.
  4. U is the son of P,  who is married to Q.
  5. The number of females present in family is more than the number of males
  6. U does not have only 1 siblings.

Note : Here Square denoted Male and Circle denoted Female


Puzzle – 2 

There are 8 friends A B C D E F G and H who are sitting around square table. 2 person on each side .and facing the center

  1. They like different fruit apple, grapes ,mango , banana , orange , pineapple , kiwi and guava .
  2. A sits opposite to E  such that one person sits to the left of A on the same side.
  3. E likes banana and F likes pineapple.
  4. F sits opposite to H and to the immediate left of to the person who likes mango.
  5. C sits to the immediate right of A.
  6. D sits with B and the person who likes apple.
  7. F doesn’t sit with A.

The person who likes kiwi sits second to the left of the person who likes guava and to the immediate right of the person who likes grapes     

Puzzle #3

Five person P to T  were born in five different month jan to may .

Each of them likes different colour red, black, green, grey and blue.

  1. R was born in month of may and likes green colour
  2. The one who likes red who is not P was born in the month of April.
  3. S, who likes grey was born in a month having less number of days than at least one of them .
  4. T, who was born before P, does not like green or black colour.


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