Rethink Plastic on Environment Day

  Rethink Plastic on Environment Day

World Environment Day 2018 is focused on tackling pollution from ubiquitous(हर जगह का/सर्वव्यापक)  plastic, a man-made material that is cheap, lightweight, durable(टिकाऊ/मजबूत), easy to produce and usable in myriad(असंख्य/बेशुमार) ways. But plastic does not decompose(गलना/सड़ना). Of the 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic produced since 1950, 76% has been discarded(ठुकराना/नामंज़ूर करना) but stubbornly(हठपूर्वक) survives. Every year, 13 million tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean, harming the marine environment, water systems, biodiversity, economies and human health. It is time to rethink(फिर से सोचना) the way the world manufactures, uses and manages plastic. Reducing single-use or disposable plastic products such as plastic bags and packaging is a step forward. Proper collection, disposal and recycling of existing singleuse plastic products are vital but not enough. Proper enforcement(लागू करना/बाध्य करना) of existing rules and regulations is essential, and India’s track record on enforcement of environmental norms is far from stellar.

But tackling pollution and improving the planet’s environmental health, prospects for sustained economic growth and human well-being will require more than abatement(कमी/समाप्ति). Current consumption and production systems pay little heed to either the finite nature of resources or the problem of waste. The world needs more sustainable patterns of consumption(खपत/उपयोग) and production: we are effectively living beyond our resources. Growing economies like India must shift to resource-efficient(संसाधनकुशल) production and consumption systems that curtail waste. Persisting(बने रहना/क़ायम रहना) with business-as-usual will lead to further environmental degradation(दुर्दशा/गिरावट) — poor air, water and land — endangering efforts to improve lives and livelihoods. As hosts of the World Environment Day 2018, India must take this lesson to heart and make it the centrepiece of its development strategy(रणनीति/कार्यनीति)


Important Vocabulary



Synonyms: dependable, enduring, lasting, permanent, reliable

Antonyms : ephemeral, irresponsible, temporary, unreliable, weak



Synonyms: break down, decay, disintegrate, dissolve, fall apart

Antonyms : unite, combine, develop, grow, improve


3.Discarded(ठुकराना/नामंज़ूर करना)

Synonyms: damaged, abandoned, deserted, discontinued, forsaken

Antonyms : cherished, kept, up-to-date, worthwhile



Synonyms: decline, decrease, discount, reduction

Antonyms : decline, decrease, discount, reduction


5.Persisting(बने रहना/क़ायम रहना)

Synonyms: continue, endure, go on, linger, persevere

Antonyms: cease, discontinue, give up, go, halt    .

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