Lateral entry fine with safety measures

  Lateral entry fine with safety measures

The government’s move to open up 10 joint secretary-level positions in diverse(अनेक) ministries for lateral(पार्श्व/अमुख्य) entry is welcome. It needs to be accompanied(के साथ/सहित) by a strong institutional mechanism to prevent(प्रतिबंध करना/बाधा डालना) conflict(संघर्ष/टकराव) of interest, that is, to prevent a revolving(घूमने वाले/परिक्रामी) door between the government and the private sector from compromising the integrity(अखंडता/ईमानदारी) of governance. It is desirable(वांछित/आकर्षक) to make appointments via the Public Service Commission, rather than via some ad-hoc committee, which is vulnerable(चपेट में/आलोचनीय) to suspicion(संदेह) of political or lobbying(पक्ष जुटाव) bias in the selection process. Widening the talent pool from which to select personnel for a government machinery that has to deal with the ever-growing complexity of globalisation is a good idea, if done right. Henceforth(अब से,/भविष्य में) , civil servants must be assigned(सौंपा) to a common pool after some years of service in their specific areas.

Those who fail to qualify for more senior positions from within this pool must be offered an exit route, and the rest given an opportunity to excel regardless of the service cadre in which they happened to find themselves after the initial(प्रारंभिक) selection process. Lateral hiring is common practice in other democracies such as the UK, US and Canada. Here, too, however, regulating the revolving door between public office and business remains a work in progress.

The UK’s Advisory Committee on Business Appointments advises former ministers and senior civil servants on the propriety(औचित्य/उपयुक्तता) of accepting particular positions. Cooling periods for specific kinds of jobs are in order. Greater scrutiny of the postgovernment jobs of senior civil servants by both government agencies and the media would be fair. Self-restraint(संयम/कठोरता) guided by ethics should inform functionaries.(पदाधिकारियों।/कार्यकर्त्ता)  When it does not, there should be consequences(परिणाम/महत्त्व) —for lateral entry to work.


Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: differing, disparate, distinct, divergent, diversified
Antonyms: same, similar, alike, conforming, identical

2.Revolving(घूमने वाले/परिक्रामी)
Synonyms: orbiting, spinning, swirling, whirling, circling

3.Lobbying(पक्ष जुटाव)
Synonyms: campaign for, persuade, politick, press, promote
Antonyms: discourage, dissuade, leave alone, pull, repress

Synonyms: correctness, decorum, legitimacy, morality, rectitude
Antonyms: dishonesty, disagreement, discord, incompatibility, lawlessness

Synonyms: corollary, emanation, importance, ramification, residual
Antonyms: causes

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