How to put an end to lynching via WhatsApp

  How to put an end to lynching via WhatsApp

At least 31 people have been killed over the last one year in 10 different states by lynch(सज़ा/मारपीट करना) mobs(भीड़) mobilised(संगठित करना/जुटाए) by rumours(अफवाहों/प्रवाद) of child lifting spread(फैलाव/विस्तार) over WhatsApp. This is over and above the lynchings in the name of the cow. Tourists(पर्यटकों को,), beggars(भिखारी), migrants(प्रवासियों/यात्री पाक्षी), men, women, civil servants — anyone can be mistaken for a child lifter by a mob primed(दुरुस्त/हिदायत करना) for a killing and looking around for a victim(शिकार/विपत्ति-ग्रस्त). It is time to take concerted(अनुकूल/ सम्मिलित) action against those who spread killer rumours, by the Centre and the states working together. Preventive(निवारक/प्रतिबंधक) policing is key. It takes some time for a rumour to gain enough traction(झोंका/संकर्षण) for a mob to assemble(इकट्ठा/एकत्र करना) and work itself into a frenzy. A police force that is trusted by the community it serves would get to know about such rumours within that time interval.

Clearly, such trust or extensive(विस्तृत/लंबा-चौड़ा) presence(मौजूदगी) of the police is missing. Punitive(दंडात्मक) action against WhatsApp groups that spread rumours should have a deterrent(बचाव का/निवारक) effect. Facebook, of which WhatsApp is a part, should share with the government at the Centre and with every state government a periodically(समय-समय/समय-समय) updated list of all WhatsApp group administrators(प्रशासकों). It is neither necessary nor desirable(श्रेय/आकर्षक) for every police station to know all the WhatsApp messages being shared in its administrative territory(क्षेत्र/इलाक़ा). But the Station House Officer (SHO) should have a current list of all WhatsApp admins in his area. If false rumours spread in the locality, the SHO should know whom to ask. Every group admin should be made aware(सचेत/जागरूक) that she is accountable for rumours spread on her group, just as a newspaper editor is accountable for libel(उत्तरदायी) or hate(नफ़रत) speech in her journal(पत्रिका) . The government must enforce(लागू करना) zero tolerance(सहयता/सहिष्णुता) for vigilante violence. Politically motivated tolerance of violence in the name of the cow promotes lynching on other pretexts(बहाने/व्याज) as well.

Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: patience, resilience, resistance, strength, toughness
Antonyms: Lethargy, weakness, bias, bigotry, disapproval

2.Lynch(सज़ा/मारपीट करना)
Synonyms: execute, hang, kill, murder
Antonyms: bear, create

3.Concerted(अनुकूल/ सम्मिलित)
Synonyms: united, combined, joint, planned, prearranged
Antonyms: disarranged, disordered, disorganized, separate, uncoordinated

Synonyms: precautionary, defending, defensive, protective

5.Assemble(इकट्ठा/एकत्र करना)
Synonyms: amass, bring together, collect, convene, gather
Antonyms: cancel, disperse, distribute, divide, scatter

6.Deterrent(बचाव का/निवारक)
Synonyms: disincentive, hindrance, obstacle, bridle, check
Antonyms: assistance, help, encouragement, catalyst, incentive

Synonyms: beautiful, enticing, fascinating, adorable, alluring
Antonyms: repulsive, bad, detrimental, disadvantageous, disagreeable

Synonyms: alive, appreciative, apprehensive, attentive, awake
Antonyms: heedless, ignorant, inattentive, neglectful, unaware

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