Users, keepers of their data

 Users, keepers of their data

Privacy(गोपनीयता) is finally(अंततः) getting(प्राप्त करना/प्रेरित करना) the public attention(ध्यान/अवधान) it deserves(हकदार/अधिकार रखना) in India. Spearheading(अगुआई) this is the gatekeeper of all things tele communicative(दूरसंचार), the Trai, which has laid down a core principle on digital data protection, coming in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on privacy being a fundamental right.Consumers have been now pronounced(निश्रित/स्पष्ट) as owners of their data. Telecom and internet service providers, mobile device-makers and other intermediaries(बिचौलियों) transmitting(संचारण/कहलवाना), storing(भंडारण) , controlling and processing consumers’(उपभोक्ताओं) information have been rightly deemed “mere custodians(संरक्षक) and do not have primary rights over this data”. Effectively, the user is the copyright holder of his content and data no matter what the platform or the service provider(प्रदान करनेवाला) is. With such great power — the right of choice, consent and the right to be forgotten (the erasure of personal data concerning(विषय में/संबंधी) the use without undue delay) — comes great responsibility.

This requires(आवश्यकता है/चाहना) India to enact(क़ानून का रूप बनाना/अधिनियम बनाना) its own data protection law, and set up an independent(स्वतंत्र/स्वाधीन) regulator(नियामक) to monitor(जाँच करना/निगरानी करने) the use of data and hold data-collectors to account. The Justice Srikrishna committee, looking into data protection, will soon finalise the framework for legislative action(विधायी/क़ानून कार्रवाई) . It should be in general conformity(अनुपालन/अनुरूपता) with the EU’s General Data Protection Regime that imposes debilitating(कमजोर /दुर्बल) (and, thus, deterring) fines on companies collecting or using personal data without the consent of users. The writ applies to controllers and processors too, thereby making data security also their responsibility. But laws are limp if law enforcement(प्रवर्तन) is lax(ढीला/बेपरवाह) . A decade ago, resistance(बाधा डालना/विरोध) to the telemarketing onslaught forced Trai to start a ‘Do Not Call’ registry that was a disaster(आपदा/विपत्ति) .So, a data protection law must be accompanied(सहित) by capacity(क्षमता/गुंज़ाइश) building — vast skilling and technical competencies(दक्षताओं/संपन्नता/क्षमता) — to safeguard users’ interests.



Important Vocabulary

1.Deserves(हकदार/अधिकार रखना)
Synonyms: earn, gain, get, justify, merit
Antonyms: fail, forfeit, lose, miss, pass

Synonyms: clear-cut, conspicuous, mdecided, definite, marked
Antonyms ambiguous, inconspicuous, indefinite, indistinct, obscure

Synonyms: broker, emissary, go-between, mediator, negotiator
Antonyms:  send

Synonyms: obedience, acquiescence, allegiance, assent, consent
Antonyms: disagreement,. resistance, difference, discord, fight

5.Debilitating(कमजोर /दुर्बल)
Synonyms: attenuate, cripple, disable, eviscerate, blunt
Antomyms: aid, assist, enable, help, strengthen

Synonyms: careless, indifferent, lenient, negligent, sloppy
Antomyms: attentive, careful, caring, concerned, hard

Synonyms: aptitude, capability, competence, expertise, proficiency
Antomyms: inability, incapability, incapacity, incompetence, ineptness

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