Unite allies against Trumpian volatility


Unite allies against Trumpian volatility

US President Donald Trump’s fire and fury(आग और रोष) tweet against Iran shakes(मंथन/हलचल मचाना) up a region that is already far from stable(स्थिर/मज़बूत). The threat(धमकी/आशंका) of military action and the Iranian response threatening blockading the Strait(जलसंयोगी/जलसंधि) of Hormuz that sees the transit of 18.5 million barrels of crude led to a temporary hike(वृद्धि/ in oil prices. Given the US President’s propensity(झुकाव/प्रवृत्ति) for aggression(आक्रमण/अतिक्रमण) in words to not necessarily be matched in action, the market settled. However, the continued(निरंतर) hostility(शत्रुता) towards Iran does not bode well.

After withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in May, the Trump administration(शासन प्रबंध/क्रियान्वयन) has stepped up its attack on Iran. It has set a deadline(समयसीमा) of November 4, with an interim(अन्तरिम) one in August, for countries and international businesses to cut ties with Tehran. Trump and his advisers are of the view that an aggressive policy that prevents Iran from emerging out of isolation(अलग करना/अलगाव) will drive it back to the negotiating table, forcing it to accept a more stringent(कड़ी से कड़ी/सख़्त) — “bigger and better” — deal. However, this appears(प्रकट होता है/आभास होना) difficult. Trump’s fire and fury will push Tehran to rely more heavily(भारी/कठिनता से) on Beijing, as it did in 1978. The Iran nuclear deal offered the country a way out of China’s tight embrace(आलिंगन/गले लगाओ. Relentless(निरन्तर/दयाहीन) US pressure could put an end to Iran’s global integration(एकीकरण/समाकलन) and push the country back into China’s fold. Trump’s aggressive(आक्रामक/क्रोधी) Iran policy could well end up aiding China’s rise. Pressure from the US will serve to weaken the moderate(मध्यम/संयमित करना) forces in Iran, who though not dominant(प्रमुख/प्रबल), do have power with Hassan Rouhani at the helm. Weakening President Rouhani and the moderate voices in Iran could escalate instability(अस्थिरता) in the region(क्षेत्र/मंडल). Europe, Japan and countries like India need to step in, to ratchet down the tension with Iran. Dearer oil and volatile(परिवर्तनशील/उड़नशील) currencies help inflation(मुद्रास्फीति/मुद्रा-विस्तार), not economic growth. Playing passive victim(शिकार/विपत्ति-ग्रस्त) is not much of a choice.



Important vocabulary

1.Shakes(मंथन/हलचल मचाना
Synonyms: convulse, disturb, jolt, rattle, rock
Antonyms: appease, hold, order, soothe, steady

Synonyms: balanced, calm, durable, fast, lasting
Antonyms: broken, ephemeral, imbalanced, impermanent, insecure

Synonyms: bias, disposition, leaning, penchant, predilection
Antonyms: disinclination, dislike, hate, hatred, impotence

4.Isolation(अलग करना/अलगाव)
Synonyms: confinement, desolation, remoteness, segregation, solitude

Synonyms: determined, dogged, ferocious, fierce, harsh
Antonyms: compassionate, easy, flexible, gentle, irresolute

Synonyms: anxiety, fluctuation, insecurity, uncertainty, volatility
Antonyms: calm, balance, constancy, soundness, stability

Synonyms: buoyant, capricious, elusive, erratic, fickle
Antonyms: certain, constant, definite, dependable, reliable

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