PM right on company of industry captains


PM right on company of industry captains

PM Narendra Modi did well to declare(घोषणा करना/एलान कर देना) that he was not scared(भयभीत/डरा हुआ) to be seen in the company of corporate chieftains(नेता/सरदारों). This comes not a day too soon. With bad loans and flighty(उड़ानभरने/चंचल)industrialists(उद्योगपतियों) dominating(पर हावी/श्रेष्ठ होना) the news, a narrative(कहानी/रिवायत) has once again been building up in which people who run companies are cast as villains(खलनायक). This false discourse(बातचीत/प्रवचन) must be abandoned(त्यागा हुआ./छोड़ा हुआ) and those who create wealth, produce goods, generate jobs, pay taxes and, in these days of mandated (अनिवार्य)corporate social responsibility, even shoulder many of the governance tasks that rightfully are the responsibility(ज़िम्मेदारी) of the state, accorded(सहमत होना/प्रदान की) the respect they are due.

Pre-capitalist(पूर्व पूंजीवादी) cultures(संस्कृतियों/पालन) tend to see wealth as the product of expropriation(ज़ब्त/स्वामित्वहरण). Capitalism made it possible to generate(उत्पन्न करना/पैदा करना) new value on a mass scale and for entrepreneurs(व्यवसायी) to grow rich even as their workers and their suppliers(आपूर्तिकर्ताओं) of raw materials(कच्चा माल), components and capital all prospered(समृद्ध हुआ।/सफल होना). Sharing in the value newly created by entrepreneurial imagination(कल्पना/विचार), drive and energy is not a zero-sum game, but makes everyone better off. This is the economic reality. But the political narrative has tended(प्रतिबद्ध ) to ride on class antagonism(विरोध/: the poor are poor because the rich exploit(शोषण करना/लाभ उठाना) them. In the recent past, land acquisition(अधिग्रहण/कमाई) has fed the grouse(बड़बड़ाना /शिकायत), the relatively poor being dispossessed of their land to benefit some rich industrialist or the other. Policies designed(रूप-रेखा के अनुसार का) to convert those who give up their land for non-farm enterprises(उपक्रम/व्यवहार-कुशलता) into stakeholders(हितधारकों) in the prosperity built on that land would address this concern as well. Co-prosperers have no reason for hostility(दुश्मनी/शत्रुता). Investment and growth create prosperity and jobs. This has improved the industrialist’s profile. This is welcome. What is additionally(के अतिरिक्त/अधिकतर) needed is transparency in the selection of particular industrialists for vital projects such as building warplanes and aid-funded power plants in other countries.



Important Vocabulary

1. Accorded(सहमत होना/प्रदान की)
Synonyms: bestow, confer, give, accede, acquiesce
Antonyms: take, deny, disagree, dispute, dissent

Synonyms: appropriation, confiscation, arrogation, impounding

Synonyms: activity, business, company, firm, operation
Antonyms: idleness, abstention, certainty, entertainment, fact

Synonyms: aggression, animosity, antipathy, bitterness, enmity
Antonyms: friendship, good will, happiness, kindness, like

Synonyms: addition, gain, procurement, purchase, recovery
Antonyms: loss, failure, forfeit, surrender, dearth

Synonyms: communication, conversation, discussion, essay, lecture
Antonyms: quiet, silence




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