How to prevent more Muzaffarpur horrors


How to prevent more Muzaffarpur horrors

The sordid(घिनौना/गन्दा) tale(कहानी of exploitation(शोषण) at the girls’ shelter in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, is not a case of a rare(दुर्लभ/असाधारण) systems failure, unfortunately(खेदजनक/बदकिस्मत). Abuse and exploitation, especially of women and children, in such shelters(आश्रयों/बचाव) have been reported with depressing(निराशाजनक) frequency(आवृत्ति/बारंबार होना). While those responsible must be prosecuted(मुकदमा चलाया/पीछा करना) and punished to the law’s full extent, we need a robust(मजबूत)system of oversight and accountability to prevent(रोकना/प्रतिबंध करना) recurrence(पुनरावृत्ति/पुनरागमन).

A viable(व्यवहार्य/जीवक्षम) multi-layered(बहु-स्तरित)oversight system involving(शामिल/संयुक्त करना) the government, particularly the women and child departments(विभाग) in the states, and the district administration(प्रशासन ) is required(आवश्यकता है). The local community must be actively involved in these homes and shelters, to provide another level of continuous oversight(निरीक्षण/चूक). No shelter should operate without a licence. A charter of basic facilities(सुविधाएं/रिआयत) and requirements must be developed and implemented(लागू किया,), as part of the licence. Ideally, women should be tasked with running these homes and shelters. Thorough background checks of staff must be mandatory(अनिवार्य/बलपूर्वक). Counsellorsसलाहकार/परामर्शदाता), doctors and nurses should have routine access, over and above regular inspections(निरीक्षण). The local administration must be made accountable for the proper running of these homes. Central to ensuring(सुनिश्चित/सुरक्षित पखना) that these homes/shelters do not become centres of abuse is the involvement of the local community. Active linkages with local schools, women’s self-help groups, community businesses and colleges must be encouraged(प्रोत्साहित). These engagements(व्यवसाय/कार्य) will help create a web of informal oversight, which are likely to prove more effective(प्रभावशाली) than official supervision(पर्यवेक्षण/देखरेख). Ensuring that vulnerable women and children are protected is central for a strong and progressive(प्रगतिशील/उन्नति-संबंधी) community. Protecting the vulnerable(चपेट में/आलोचनीय) and penalising(दंड देना/जुरमाना करना) those who prey on them must be part of citizen sensibility(संवेदनशीलता।).


Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: disreputable, nasty, shameful, sleazy, squalid
Antonyms: clean, decent, good, kind, nice

Synonyms: apartment, asylum, condo, dwelling, haven,
Antonyms: brightness, light

Synonyms: frequency, repetition, habituation, intermittence, reappearance

Synonyms: commitment, obligation, pact, assurance, betrothal
Antonyms: breach, break, disagreement, break-up, disengagement

Synonyms:administration, care, control, guidance, instruction
Antonyms: ignorance, neglect, serve, work

Synonyms: applicable, feasible, possible, usable, workable
Antonyms:, impossible, unfeasible, unlikely, unbelievable, unpractical

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