Keep aero India at Bengaluru itself


Keep aero India at Bengaluru itself

Lobbying is on to shift Asia’s premier defence aviation(विमान वहन/वैमानिकी) exhibition(कला प्रदर्शन/नुमाइश), Aero India, from its traditional base in Bengaluru to Lucknow. The government should nip this move in the bud(खिलना/विकसित होना) and clarify(स्पष्टीकरण), without delay, that Aero India will, indeed, take place at the Yelahanka Base, as it has since 1996, when the air show started. Air shows acquire(प्राप्त करना/अधिकार करना) a certain(कुछ/निश्चित) cachet(निशान/चिह्न) because of their tradition and history. Britain holds its air show at Farnborough, every even-numbered year. It alternates with another premier air show, that of Paris, held, you guessed it, at Paris. The Dubai show is at Dubai, the Singapore one at Singapore. Aircraft makers, avionics firms, defence contractors(ठेकेदारों), all make a regular calendar to show off their wares(सामग्री/माल). Bengaluru is a prominent(प्रमुख ) fixture(स्थिरता।). India gains nothing by fooling around with that. Lucknow should bid(अभिवादन करना/आदेश देना)for another event, probably(शायद/मुमकिन है) to host India’s Defence Expo that has been footloose across Delhi, Goa and Chennai, and would probably be better off with a permanent home. What does a city gain by hosting an air show? Most of the time is spent on business, with the last couple of days being used to enthral hoi polloi with aerial(हवाई) acrobatics(कलाबाजी) that show off pilot skills as well as aircraft capability(क्षमता/सामर्थ्य).

The show’s business part brings together aircraft and parts makers, electronics companies and software producers to help them seek out business opportunities(अवसरों/मौक़ा) amongst themselves. It also allows defence contracts to begin their life as the gleam(प्रकाश की किरण) in a general’s eye as he takes in a particular aircraft and its array of electronics and weaponry (हथियार/अस्र)and begins to drool over what these can do for his force’s capability to keep the enemy in his place. Bengaluru has some aviation industry, an electronics and software ecosystem and a reasonably(यथोचित/युक्तिपूर्वक) cosmopolitan(विश्वव्यापी/सर्वदेशीय ) urban(शहरी) climate(जलवायु). These are useful things to have for a city that hosts an air show and do not figure among Lucknow’s strengths(ताकत/मज़बूती). There is no compelling(सम्मोहक) reason to lay waste the facilities at Bengaluru for the air show and build new ones at Lucknow while forcing aircraft and avionic manufacturers(निर्माता) to re calibrate(पुनर्नवीनीकरण ) their calendar.



Important vocabulary

1.Exhibition(कला प्रदर्शन/नुमाइश),
Synonyms: advertisement, airing, carnival, display, exhibit
Antonyms: concealment, cover, hiding

2.Probably(शायद/मुमकिन है)
Synonyms: apparently, doubtless, no doubt, perhaps, possibly
Antonyms:improbably, uncertain, unlikely

Synonyms: capacity, competence, effectiveness, efficiency, facility
Antonyms:impotence, inability, incapability, incapacity, incompetence

Synonyms: convenience, event, excuse, freedom, hope
Antonyms:closing, closure, misfortune, reality, truth

5.Gleam(प्रकाश की किरण)
Synonyms: flicker, glimmer, glint, glow, sheen
Antonyms: dullness

Synonyms: humidity, temperature, altitude, aridity, clime

Synonyms: fairly, honestly, intelligently, judiciously, justly
Antonyms:foolishly, stupidly, unfairly, unjustly

8.Cosmopolitan(विश्वव्यापी/सर्वदेशीय )
Synonyms: cultured, metropolitan, sophisticated, urbane, worldly
Antonyms: unrefined, unsophisticated, particular, specific, country

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