Fixing fake news: Not by technology alone

Fixing fake news: Not by technology alone

For WhatsApp, India is a big market, with more than 22 crore users, who spent 85 billion hours using the app over the last three months. WhatsApp is preparing(तैयार करना/प्रस्तुत करना) to monetise(मुद्रीकरण/ कमाई) this huge(विशाल/बड़ा) user base through a payments app and through message delivery for businesses. It has a core interest in complying(पालन करना/मानना) with the government’s instruction to create a local office, appoint a grievance(शिकायत) officer, store data locally for payments and check fake news, including by tracing fake news back to the originator. But that does not mean that the government should pass the fake news buck to the platform on which it appears. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is under pressure across the world to stop its platform being used to spread(फैलाना) fake news and peddle influence(प्रभाव) that is deemed(समझना) illegal(अवैध) in certain(कुछ/निश्चित) contexts such as elections. The claim (दावा/मांग) that tracing a message back to its originator would violate(का उल्लंघन) privacy principles is not valid.

Privacy concerns do not prevent(रोकना/प्रतिबंध करना) law enforcement authorities from carrying out searches of private premises, when these are required, and legal warrants empower them to carry out such actions. Similar principles and standards of privacy should apply to the online world as well. Administrators of fake-news-spreading Whats-App groups should be to held to account, at least to the extent of identifying the source(स्रोत), for messages that appear on their group. WhatsApp should be able to pinpoint the administrator of a group at any point of time. That said, fixing fake news is not primarily a technological challenge. Fake news that incite(उत्तेजित करें) violence(हिंसा ) should be treated as abetment of or conspiracy(साजिश/षड्‍यंत्र) to commit that crime and its originators, criminals. In the run-up to crucial(निर्णायक/महत्वपूर्ण) elections, social media platforms must also declare the identity of those paying for the ads they carry.



Important Vocabulary

Synonyms: grief, hardship, injustice, objection, outrage
Antonyms: delight, happiness, joy, advantage, aid

Synonyms:colossal, enormous, extensive, gargantuan, giant
Antonyms: dwarfed, insignificant, limited, little, miniature

Synonyms: clout, consequence, control, domination, effect
Antonyms: beginning, cause, commencement, insignificance, origin

4.Prevent(रोकना/प्रतिबंध करना)
Synonyms: avert, avoid, bar, block, counter
Antonyms: advance, aid, allow, approve, assist

Synonyms: plot, scheme, sedition, treason, cabal
Antonyms: faithfulness, honesty, ignorance, loyalty

Synonyms: central, compelling, deciding, decisive, essential
Antonyms: inessential, insignificant, minor, optional, secondary

7.complying(पालन करना/मानना)
Synonyms: acquiesce, adhere to, give in, give up, obey
Antonyms: disobey, dissuade, condemn, deny, disallow

8.Incite(उत्तेजित करें)
Synonyms: abet, agitate, arouse, encourage, exhort
Antonyms: block, calm, dampen, depress, deter

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