SBI PO 2018 Interview Experience : LHO Bhopal


SBI PO Interview Experience : Mr. Khatri 



Starting Session …

GD: What is worst: corruption or unemployment

In GD there were 10 participants. We have given 5 minutes to think over topic and to note down important points. After that GD was started and for discussion we were given 25 minutes.

GE: For swadesi (goods) what are the benefits

Here 10 terms was given and we have to prioritize them according to their necessity.1 being most necessary and 10 being least necessary. Then everyone has to present their views regarding their priority, And discussion went for another 25 minutes.

After that it was PI ( Personal Interview)

There were 4 male and 1 female

Me: May in come in sir

Yes please

Me: Good afternoon mam, Good afternoon sirs.

Panel : Good afternoon, Please take a seat

Me: Thank you sir

Male1: So mr. Khatri tell us what have you done in education and regarding your work experience.

Me: Sir, I have done graduation in engineering in 2014, post that from 2015 to 2016 i was working with an it firm and from 2017 i am working in a psb as a clerical staff.

Male2 (looking like Head of the panel) : So from an it firm to a clerical job. Why? I mean your previous employer has a great reputation in market and you chose a clerical job over it.

Me: Sir i agree that it was a great firm to work with but while working with them i didn’t have any security regarding job and in it firm we all know that layoff’s are pretty frequent. I don’t want that to happen with me ( chose to give genuine answer as if i tried to fake it there will be more questions on that)

Male 3: So you have mentioned training in NPA in your biodata form. Tell us what is npa

Me: Yes sir, when the borrower ceases to generate income for the bank for a period of 90 days or more, it termed as npa.

Male:3 Have you heared anything about 12th feb rbi circular?

Me: Yes sir, Rbi told banks to not indulge in any restructuring schemes like SDR,CDR and try to resolve stressed assets within 180 days. If not then refer those cases to NCLT under IBC

Male3: what did nclt do then?

Me: Nclt further do proceeding under ibc code.

Male3: you said ibc there are two terms in it. Insolvency and bankruptcy. Can you explain them.

Me: Yes sir, insolvency means when a borrower declare that he is not able to pay its dues. And when this insolvency is declared by law it termed as insolvency.

Male3:What is your bank’s npa?

Me: its around 11 percent

Male3: so your bank is under pca

Me: yes sir

Male3: what are the criterias which are judged while putting any bank into pca.

Me: there are mainly three reasons. One is profitability second is CRAR and sorry sir not able to recall third point.

Male2: so as you see gov. Banks npa is really high what can we do to reduce it.

Me: sir We have to take measure before loan becomes npa. Or we can say when it is in SMA stage. .

Male3: what are the types of sma.

Me: sir it consist of three types SMA0, SMA1 AND SMA2 which are classified based on days. Like 0-30 days sma0, 31-60days sma1 and 61-90 days sma2.

Male3: any other criteria other than that?

Me: sorry sir i don’t know

Male2: so nbfc and private bank has a small portion of npa as compared to psb. What can you suggest to decrease npa of psb at ground level.

Me: Sir Follow up and monitoring of private and nbfc is good. They have a dedicated department who look into credit and recovery. In psb mostly in rural and semiurban all burden is on branch manager. He has to look for operation, branch management and all other issues as well as he has to go to recovery. So there should be a dedicated department which can take care of all this issue. And bank staff can work on operation and banking more.

Male2: ok then thank you

Thank you sir.

Have a good day mam

Have a good day sirs.

Wish you All the BEST 

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