The Good Samaritan Law Gets President Assent & BCCI Under RTI – Sep 2018 Current Affairs



  1. Karnataka becomes the first state to pass good Samaritan law and president gave his assent.
  2. According to surveys in 2016 4,80,000 road accidents were reported in INDIA, in which 1,50,000 lost their lives.
  3. Here was no central law to protect the good Samaritan from the inquiry, tortures, and constant follow up from police personnel.
  4. Yes Union Transport Ministry has issued a guideline in 2015, but no concrete results shown.
  5.  A clause of GOLDEN HOUR is also added in the latest bill, which confirms that the good Samaritan will be protected from any enquiry and prosecution while helping the needy in the GOLDEN HOUR.
  6.  Well the law is the right direction to curb the menace of road accidents and certainly the death toll that in itself is humungous.
  7.  Step in the right direction, but other thing should also be fixed for the proper execution.

Reasons why the number of road accident so high in India.

1 No proper adherence of traffic rule.

2 Dangerous turnings.

3 Drink and drive.

4 Infrastructure, road side railings, unnecessary crossings, no proper sign boards.

5 No strict regulation for breaking any traffic rule.

 Government steps and way forward.

1 Proper monitoring of infrastructure , and new development under  BHARATMALA project.

2 Drink and drive rule.

3 Ban on liquor shop within the boundary of National and State highway.

4 Law will certainly help but awareness to drive properly and safely.

5 Sign board messages and cctv monitoring to provide early aid in highways.

6 Golden hour should be utilized at his very best to save the life.


What do you mean by Right to Information ?

RTI means any citizen of the country can ask the query related to public office in the country and the authority in bound to provide the information demanded, except in certain cases where the National Security is in concern.

Public Information Officer provide the information within the stipulated time period charging minimal fess and penalty provision is also there in case of failure to provide information.

1 RTI ACT was passed in the year 2005.

2 It replaced the erstwhile Freedom of information act 2002.

3 Any organization where the public money is involved or basically the tax payers money involved RTI is   applicable.

4 Private enterprises and NGO are not under the RTI ACT.

6 Other public organization and NGO where GOI spending is 95% they are under RTI.


1 Law commission in his latest report no 275 to center mentioned BCCI under RTI.

 BCCI fulfills the criteria of STATE mentioned under Article 12 of the constitution. In this part, unless the context otherwise requires, ‘the State’ includes the Government and the Parliament of India and the Government and the Legislature of each of the States and all local or other authorities within the territory of India or under the control of the Government of India.

2 BCCI enjoyed Tax Exemption, that too at the cost of TAX PAYERS MONEY

3 BCCI represents INDIA in international platform.

4 BCCI should answer the questions of the citizens as CRICKET is a religion in INDIA.

5 BCCI  monopolistic attitude.

6 Arjuna Awardee recommended by BCCI.

BCCI About US – Founded  1928

Affiliation  International Cricket Council

Headquarters  Wankhede Stadium

 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

President  C K Khanna

Chief Exec  Rahul Johri

Vice president(s)  Somnath Dhar

Secretary  Amitabh Chaudhary

oMen’s coach  Ravi Shastri

oWomen’s coach  Ramesh Powar

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