The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 18 April 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 18 April 2019

Topic – India is hoping to deliver by packing the team with experience

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Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial dated – 18 April 2019 


   Synonyms: estate, gift, tradition,  bequest, birthright


  1. Ambiguity(अस्पष्टता/संदिग्धता )

Synonyms: doubt, uncertainty, vagueness, anagram, doubtfulness

Antonyms: certainty, clarity, clearness, definiteness, explicitness


  1. Commence(आरंभ/शुरू होना

Synonyms: begin, inaugurate, initiate, launch, take up

Antonyms: close, complete, conclude, end, finish


  1. Congregate(एकत्र होना/जमा होना),

Synonyms: bunch up, converge, flock, gather, swarm

Antonyms: disperse, divide, scatter, separate, spread


  1. Immense(अपार/अत्यधिक )

Synonyms: boundless, colossal, endless, enormous, extensive

Antonyms: bounded, calculable, common, ending, finite


  1. Hovering(मँडरा रहे)

Synonyms: drift, flicker, flutter, fly, linger

Antonyms: lie, rest, settle


  1. Campaign(अभियान)

Synonyms: crusade, drive, fight, movement, offensive

Antonyms: inaction


  1. Explosive(विस्फोटक)

Synonyms: inactivity, inertia, passivity, stagnation, acedia

Antonyms: busyness, energy, happiness, liveliness, vigor


  1. Remarkable(असाधारण/अद्भुत)

Synonyms: curious, exceptional, important, impressive, miraculous

Antonyms: average, bad, common, commonplace, familiar


  1. Adequate(पर्याप्त )

Synonyms: acceptable, capable, competent, decent, fair

Antonyms: inadequate, inappropriate, incapable, incompetent, inept


  1. Prospered(समृद्ध/सफल होना)

Synonyms: bloom, blossom, catch on, do well, flourish

Antonyms: fail, languish, shrink, shrivel, wither


  1. Potent(शक्तिशाली )

Synonyms: compelling, dominant, dynamic, great, impressive

Antonyms: inactive, ineffective, ineffectual, infirm, insignificant


  1. Accommodation(गुंज़ाइश/सुविधा)

Synonyms: compromise, reconciliation, adaptation, compliance, composition

Antonyms: disagreement, fight, nonconformity, refusal


  1. Stride(प्रगति/तरक़्क़ी)

Synonyms: stalk, stomp, traipse, tramp, clump


  1. Debate(बहस),

Synonyms: argument, contest, controversy, deliberation, dispute


  1. Featuring(विशेषता)

Synonyms: displaying, headlining, highlighting, presenting, promoting


  1. Opponents(विरोधियों

Synonyms:  adversary, aspirant, candidate, challenger, competitor

Antonyms: ally, assistant, friend, helper, associate

Source – The Hindu Editorial

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