The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 22 April 2019




Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 22 April 2019

Topic – In his own cause: On complaint against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

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Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial dated – 22 April 2019

1.Manner(तौर तरीका/शैली)
Synonyms: appearance, aspect, demeanor, look, presence
Antonyms: absence, reality


2. Allegations(आरोपों )
Synonyms: accusation, charge, claim, plea, statement
Antonyms: exculpation, denial


3. Mandated(अनिवार्य)
Synonyms: assigned, authorized, charged, decreed, ordered


4. Domain(क्षेत्र/विचार-सीमा)
Synonyms: realm, sphere, territory, authority, bailiwick
Antonyms: sky, surrender, yielding


Synonyms: aggression, assault, blitz, incursion, invasion
Antonyms: retreat, defense


6. Captive (बंदी )
Synonyms: caged, enslaved, imprisoned, incommunicado, bound
Antonyms: disillusioned, free, independent, loose, uninterested


7. Credibility(विश्वसनीयता)
Synonyms: chance, integrity, prospect, reliability, soundness
Antonyms: unlikelihood, implausibility, improbability, unreasonableness


8. Deplorable(दु: खद।/खेदजनक).
Synonyms: dire, disastrous, disgraceful, distressing, dreadful
Antonyms: acceptable, bearable, blessed, fortunate, good


9. Harassment (उत्पीड़न)
Synonyms: molestation, persecution, provocation, aggravation, annoyance
Antonyms: aid, comfort, contentment, delight, happiness


10. Ironical(विडंबना )
Synonyms: contemptuous, cynic, derisive, ironic, misanthropic


11. Anguish(पीड़ा/वेदना/व्यथा)
Synonyms: agony, grief, heartache, heartbreak, misery
Antonyms: delight, happiness, health, joy, comfort


12. Victimization(ज़ुल्म/उत्पीड़न).
Synonyms: deception, artifice, baloney, bunco, chicanery
Antonyms: forthrightness, frankness, gift, honesty, openness


Synonyms: cavil, censure, challenge, criticism, declination
Antonyms: acceptance, agreement, allowance, answer, approval


14. acquiescent (संतुष्ट)l
Synonyms: acquiescing, assentive, nonresistant, resigned, submissive


15. Innocence(मासूम )
Synonyms: chastity, guiltlessness, immaculateness, impeccability, incorruptibility
Antonyms: badness, blame, corruption, evil, experience


16. Denial(इनकार/अस्वीकार)
Synonyms: disapproval, rebuttal, rejection, repudiation, retraction
Antonyms: allowance, approval, confirmation, ratification, sanction




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