The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 27 April 2019


Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 27 April 2019

Topic – Parallel probes: On complaint against CJI

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Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial dated – 27 April 2019


1. parallel(समानांतर/अनुरूप )
Synonyms: coordinate, lateral, alongside, coextending
Antonyms: crooked, different, dissimilar, divergent, separate


2. allegations(आरोपों/इलज़ाम)
Synonyms: accusation, charge, claim, plea, statement
Antonyms: exculpation, denial


3. dismissed(बर्खास्तगी )
Synonyms: discharged, ousted, removed


4. victimization(पीड़ित),
Synonyms: deception, artifice, baloney, bunco, chicanery
Antonyms: forthrightness, frankness, gift, honesty, openness


5. impinge(टकराना/लगाम)
Synonyms: encroach, infringe, intrude, affect, disturb
Antonyms: leave alone, avoid, dodge


6. intermediaries(बिचौलियों/मध्यवर्ती संस्थाएँ
Synonyms: broker, emissary, go-between, mediator, negotiator
Antonyms: end


7. obvious(स्पष्ट/ज़ाहिर)
Synonyms: accessible, clear, conspicuous, discernible, distinct
Antonyms: ambiguous, concealed, dark, disputable, doubtful


8. emphasized (बल देना)
Synonyms: accentuate, affirm, assert, highlight, indicate
Antonyms: deny, lose, mumble, depreciate, forget


9. priority(प्राथमिकता ).
Synonyms: arrangement, preference, antecedence, lead, orde
Antonyms: inferiority, last, subservience, unimportance


10. provision(प्रावधान
Synonyms: arrangement, plan, accouterment, catering, emergency
Antonyms: removal, taking


11. envisages(परिकल्पना की गई है/सामना करना)
Synonyms: anticipate, behold, conceive, conceptualize, contemplate


12. veracity(सच्चाई/सत्यता)
Synonyms: accuracy, authenticity, credibility, fairness, genuineness
Antonyms: deceit, dishonesty, falsehood, lying, unfairness


13. dignity(गौरव/मर्यादा)
Synonyms: decency, decorum, grace, grandeur, greatness
Antonyms: dishonor, evil, immorality, indecency, insignificance


14. integrity(अखंडता/प्रामाणिकता
Synonyms: honesty, principle, probity, purity, rectitude
Antonyms: deceit, dishonesty, corruption, disgrace, dishonor


15. malign(बदनाम/नुक़सानदेह )
Synonyms: antagonistic, antipathetic, bad, baleful, banefu
Antonyms: aiding, benign, helpful, nice


16. composition(रचना/संयोजन)
Synonyms: architecture, balance, beauty, configuration, content
Antonyms: disproportion, imbalance, disagreement, discord, unevenness




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