The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 30 April 2019


Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 30 April 2019

Topic –General elections 2019: The heat moves north

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The HINDU Editorial हिंदी के साथ

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1. critical(महत्वपूर्ण/संकटमय)
Synonyms: demanding, analytical, belittling, biting, calumniatory
Antonyms: complimentary, laudatory, praising, trivial, uncritical


2. Violence(हिंसा/क्रूरता)
Synonyms: assault, attack, bloodshed, brutality, clash
Antonyms: calm, health, kindness, method, niceness


3. compensate(क्षतिपूर्ति करना/मुआवजा देना)
Synonyms: atone, pay, recoup, refund, reimburse
Antonyms: lose, penalize, take, damage, deprive


4. incumbent(निर्भर/अनिवार्य)
Synonyms: binding, necessary, compelling, urgent
Antonyms: unnecessary


5. intimidating(धमकाना/भयभीत करना)
Synonyms: aggressive, frightening, terrifying, bullying, pressuring


6. trespassing(अतिक्रमण)
Synonyms: infraction, misdemeanor, breach, contravention, crime
Antonyms: behavior, benefit, blessing, good, good deed


7. circulating(प्रसारित करना
Synonyms: circling, moving, rotating, ambient, circulatory
Antonyms: motionless, stationary, still


8. disappointment(निराशा/चिढ़).
Synonyms: blow, defeat, disaster, failure, mistake
Antonyms: achievement, attainment, blessing, good fortune, success


9. attempt(प्रयास/आज़माना)
Synonyms: attack, bid, endeavor, experiment, pursuit
Antonyms: retreat, surrender, certainty, laziness, success


10. strongholds(गढ़),
Synonyms: bastion, fortress, garrison, redoubt, bulwark


11. volatile(परिवर्तनशील/बदलने के योग्य)
Synonyms: buoyant, capricious, elusive, erratic, fickle
Antonyms: certain, constant, definite, dependable, reliable


12. strategies(रणनीतियाँ/कूट नीतियां) .
Synonyms: action, approach, blueprint, design, game plan
Antonyms: honesty, openness


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