The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 16 MAY. 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 16 May. 2019

Topic –Morphed freedoms: on Mamata photo controversy

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The HINDU Editorial हिंदी के साथ

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1. oppressive(दमनकारी/अत्याचारी)

Synonyms: conformity, consent, acquiescence, amenability, assent
Antonyms: difference, disagreement, refusal, disobedience, rebellion
2. irrelevant(व्यर्थ/निष्फल)
Synonyms: extraneous, immaterial, inappropriate, inconsequential, insignificant
Antonyms: appropriate, consequential, essential, important, meaningful
3. custody(हिरासत),
Synonyms: care, guardianship, protection, aegis, auspices
Antonyms: destruction, neglect, waste, freedom, liberation
4. sufficiently(पर्याप्त रूप से/काफी मात्रा में)
Synonyms: adequately, amply, abundantly, enough
Antonyms: inadequately, insufficiently
5. perverse(दोषी/भ्रष्ट)
Synonyms: contradictory., wicked, abnormal,
Antonyms: compliant, happy, nice, reasonable
6. defamation(मानहानि/बदनामी)
Synonyms: denigration, disparagement, aspersion, calumny, depreciation
Antonyms: compliment, flattery, praise, approval, commendation
7. considered(माना/विचार करना
Synonyms: studied, treated, advised, contemplated, designed
Antonyms: disregarded, forgotten, neglected, unplanned, unstudied
8. declared (घोषित किया)
Synonyms: announced, stated, affirmed, self-confessed
9. ventured(फटकार/ख़तरे में पड़ना
Synonyms: adventured, attempted, chanced, dared, experimented
10. explicit(स्पष्ट/प्रकट)
Synonyms: accurate, categorical, certain, clear, clear-cut
Antonyms: ambiguous, careless, doubtful, equivocal, false
11. apologise(क्षमा मांगना) 
Synonyms: acknowledgment, admission, amends, atonement, concession
Antonyms: denial, refusal, repudiation, accusation, censure
12. gratuitous(मुफ्त/निष्कारण)
Synonyms: spontaneous, chargeless, complimentary, costless, for nothing
Antonyms: costly, deserved, expensive, needed, reasonable
13. inclusion(समावेश/अन्तर्भाव)
Synonyms: admittance, formation, incorporation, involvement, composition
Antonyms: exclusion, subtraction
14. petition(याचिका )
Synonyms: application, prayer, request, suit, address
15. aberrant(धर्मपथ से हटनेवाला/प्रचुर मात्रा)
Synonyms: abnormal, deviant, psycho, weird, atypical
Antonyms: normal, regular, usual, same, true
16. verdict(फैसले/निर्णय).
Synonyms: answer, award, conclusion, decision, decree
Antonyms: accusation
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