The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 24 MAY. 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion 24 May. 2019

Topic : For a rediscovery of India: on Modi’s return to power

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The HINDU Editorial हिंदी के साथ

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1. victory(विजय/जीत)
Synonyms: achievement, advantage, defeat, gain, grand slam
Antonyms: failure, forfeit, loss, inferiority, subservience


2. relegating(हस्तांतरित करना/आरोप लगाना)
Synonyms: consign, entrust, refer, accredit, charge
Antonyms: deny, disapprove, keep, assume, hold


3. catapulted(पहुंचा)
Synonyms: fire, barrage, bombard, bung, cast
Antonyms: catch, hold, keep, receive, cease


4. distinctive(विशेष/विशिष्ट).
Synonyms: cool, extraordinary, idiosyncratic, offbeat, original
Antonyms: common, commonplace, normal, ordinary, regular


5. endorsement(समर्थन/पुष्टि)
Synonyms: advocacy, affirmation, approval, backing, commercial
Antonyms: denial, disapproval, disfavor, opposition, veto


6. civilization(सभ्यता/संस्कृति),
Synonyms: advancement, development, education, progress, acculturation
Antonyms: decline, decrease, retreat, retrogression, stoppage


7. liberal(उदार
Synonyms: enlightened, flexible, humanistic, lenient, permissive
Antonyms: intolerant, limited, narrow, specific, conservative


8. proponents(समर्थकों/प्रस्ताव करनेवाला)
Synonyms: advocate, backer, defender, enthusiast, exponent
Antonyms: antagonist, detractor, enemy, opponent, opposition


9. derision (उपहास/हास्यास्पद)
Synonyms: contempt, disdain, laughter, mockery, ridicule
Antonyms: admiration, approval, flattery, love, praise


10. verdict(निर्णय/विचार)
Synonyms: answer, award, conclusion, decision, decree
Antonyms: accusation


11. regional(क्षेत्रीय )
Synonyms: local, provincial, territorial, parochial, sectional


12. enduring(टिकाऊ/सहनीय).
Synonyms: abiding, surviving, permanent,


13. collapsed(ढह गई।/एकाएक गिरना).
Synonyms: break, cave in, crumple, disintegrate, drop
Antonyms: accomplish, achieve, fix, mend, straighten


14. dovetailed(सामंजस्य स्थापित)
Synonyms: coincide, conform, correspond, harmonize, jibe
Antonyms: clash, differ, disagree, fight, mismatch


15. striking(विचित्र/ठीक अनोखा अद्भुत)
Synonyms: arresting, astonishing, bizarre, compelling, conspicuous
Antonyms: bad, boring, common, homely, inconsequential


16. inroads(दखलंदाजी/घुस जाना)
Synonyms: encroachment, incursion, impingement, intrusion, invasion
Antonyms: retreat


17. entrenched(आरोपित हुआ)
Synonyms: rooted, firm, fixed, fortified, dug in
Antonyms: changeable, indefinite, irresolute


18. beliefs(विश्वासों/धारणा).
Synonyms: acceptance, assumption, conclusion, confidence, conviction
Antonyms: disagreement, disbelief, distrust, doubt, ignorance


19. integrity(अखंडता )
Synonyms: honesty, principle, probity, purity, rectitude
Antonyms: deceit, dishonesty, corruption, disgrace, dishonor


20. arrogant(हठी/अभिमानी)
Synonyms: aloof, bossy, cavalier, cocky, haughty
Antonyms: humble, modest, shy, timid, unsure


21. inclusive(सम्मिलित/समेत)
Synonyms: broad, comprehensive, across-the-board, all the options, all together
Antonyms: exclusive, in comprehensive, narrow


22. prerequisite(शर्त/आधार)
Synonyms: essential, expedient, imperative, mandatory, requisite
Antonyms: inessential, optional, secondary, unnecessary, voluntary



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