The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 12 JUNE – 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion12 JUNE – 2019

Topic  :   Thin-skinned masters: On journalists arrest

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1. arbitrary(मनमानी /विवेकाधीन),
Synonyms: capricious, discretionary, erratic, frivolous, inconsisten
Antonyms: consistent, definite, dependable, logical, reasonable


2. perversity(हठ/प्रतिकूलता)
Synonyms: bullheadedness, determination, doggedness, mulishness, obstinance
Antonyms: irresolution


3. perfunctory(पूर्णतापूर्ण )
Synonyms: cursory, offhand, sketchy, superficial, apathetic
Antonyms: careful, complete, detailed, thorough, precise


4. sufficient(पर्याप्त)
Synonyms: acceptable, ample, plentiful, satisfactory, tolerable
Antonyms: insufficient, meager, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, deficient


5. inflammatory(भड़काऊ )
Synonyms: incendiary, intemperate, provocative, anarchic, demagogic
Antonyms: calming, mitigating, placating, pleasing, tranquilizing


6. rampant(अनियंत्रित/उग्र)
Synonyms: excessive, flagrant, growing, prevalent, raging
Antonyms: gentle, mild, moderate, moral,, restrained


7. disregarding(अनदेखी/अवहेलना)
Synonyms: disobey, forget, neglect, omit, overlook
Antonyms: regard, remember, admire, approve, compliment


8. defamation(मानहानि/बदनामी) ,
Synonyms: denigration, disparagement, aspersion, calumny, depreciation
Antonyms: compliment, flattery, praise, approval, commendation


9. incarcerate(क़ैद कर देना/बांधना
Synonyms: confine, detain, imprison, jail, lock up
Antonyms: free, let go, liberate, release, cancel


10. counsel(सलाह/परामर्श/वकील)
Synonyms: admonition, advice, advisement, caution, consideration
Antonyms: heedlessness, ignorance, neglect, negligence, thoughtlessness


11. damaging(विपरीत/हानिकारक)
Synonyms: detrimental, harmful, injurious, prejudicial, ruinous
Antonyms: advantageous, assisting, beneficial, helpful, favorable


12. flagrant(खुला/धोर)
Synonyms: atrocious, bold, brazen, conspicuous, disgraceful
Antonyms: concealed, good, hidden, magnificent, meek


13. accused(आरोपी /अभियुक्त)
Synonyms: arraigned, implicated, incriminated, indicted, charged with
Antonyms: acquitted, clear, discharged


14. accused(आरोपी /अभियुक्त)
Synonyms: arraigned, implicated, incriminated, indicted, charged with
Antonyms: acquitted, clear, discharged


15. offensive(अपमानजनक
Synonyms: abhorrent, abusive, annoying, distasteful, embarrassing
Antonyms: agreeable, delightful, good, kind, nice


16. disciplinary(अनुशासनात्मक )
Synonyms: punitive, ordered, punishing



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