The Hindu Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 13 JUNE – 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 13 JUNE – 2019

Topic  :   Values to live by: On Modi’s call for inclusiveness

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1. metaphors(लक्षण/रूपक)
Synonyms: analogy, image, symbol, allegory, emblem
Antonyms: plain speech


2. cooperation(सहयोग/संबंध),
Synonyms: aid, assistance, collaboration, participation, partnership
Antonyms: hindrance, hurt, injury, antagonism, disagreement


3. threat(खतरा/धमकी)
Synonyms: blackmail, hazard, intimidation, menace, peril
Antonyms: certainty, safety, surety


4. proximity(निकटता)
Synonyms: closeness, adjacency, concurrence, contiguity, contiguousness
Antonyms: distance, remoteness


5. sponsorship(प्रायोजन )
Synonyms: aegis, aid, auspices, backing, patronage
Antonyms: opposition, opponent


6. detour(चक्कर)
Synonyms: deviation, diversion, branch, bypass, bypath


7. several(कई)
Synonyms: distinct, divers, diverse, handful, hardly any
Antonyms: none, one


8. tenure(कार्यकाल)
Synonyms: administration, occupation, ownership, regime, reign


9. suffered(सामना करना /भुगतना)
Synonyms: deteriorate, endure, experience, get, go through
Antonyms: calm, please, soothe, surrender, yield


10. imperative(अनिवार्य )
Synonyms: compulsory, critical, crucial, essential, immediate
Antonyms: inessential, insignificant, nonessential, optional, trivial


11. liberal(उदार/दानशील)
Synonyms: enlightened, flexible, humanistic, lenient, permissive
Antonyms: intolerant, limited, narrow, specific, conservative, economical


12. reputation(प्रतिष्ठा/
Synonyms: character, fame, honor, influence, name
Antonyms: unimportance, disapproval, disbelief, disfavor, dislike


13. implemented(कार्यान्वित)
Synonyms: achieve, carry out, complete, enforce, realize
Antonyms: fail, forget, give up, ignore, lose


14. constant(निरंतर )
Synonyms: consistent, continual, nonstop, perpetual, regular
Antonyms: broken, discontinuous, imbalanced, inconsistent, inconstant


15. initiatives(पहल/उपक्रम)
Synonyms: action, drive, leadership, push, ambition
Antonyms: apathy, cowardice, idleness, inactivity, indifference






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