Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 04 July 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 04 July 2019

Topic  Power play: on Karnataka political crisis

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1. Reconcile(समाधान करना
Synonyms: accommodate, appease, assuage, conform, coordinate
Antonyms:agitate, fight, incite, irritate, mismatch

2. Began(शुरू/आरंभ करना
Synonyms: commence, create, do, establish, found
Antonyms: cease, close, conclude, destroy, end

Synonyms: aspect, element, extent, height, importance
Antonyms: insignificance, unimportance

4. Enough(पर्याप्त )
Synonyms: abundant, adequate, ample, full, sufficient
Antonyms: inadequate, insufficient, lacking, unsuitable

5. Formation(गठन/निर्माण)
Synonyms: arrangement, construction, creation, design, development
Antonyms: decrease, destruction, disorganization, ruin, stoppage

6. Spectacular(शानदार )
Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, astounding, breathtaking, daring
Antonyms: bad, common, expected, homely, inferior

7. Hiatus(ख़ाली जगह।)
Synonyms: interval, lapse, aperture, blank, breach
Antonyms: closing, closure, continuation, juncture, misfortune

8. Disenchantment(मोहभंग/मायूसी)
Synonyms: adversity, blow, chagrin, defeat, discontent
Antonyms: achievement, aid, attainment, blessing, boon

9. Concede(स्वीकार करना/बधाई दी)
Synonyms: accept, admit, allow, capitulate, cave in
Antonyms: defend, deny, disallow, disapprove, dispute

10. Unusual(असामान्य/ग़ैरमामूली) ,
Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, awesome, bizarre, curious
Antonyms: bad, common, commonplace, conventional, expected

11. Survival(उत्तरजीविता/अतिजीवन)
Synonyms: continuity, durability, endurance, continuance

12. Requiring(आवश्यकता )
Synonyms: compelling, demanding, exacting, forcing, involving
Antonyms: trivial

13. Rivalries(प्रतिद्वंद्विता/विरोध)
Synonyms: antagonism, clash, conflict, contest, duel
Antonyms: accord, agreement, calm, harmony, peace.


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