Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 09 July 2019

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Vocabulary with Editorial Discussion – 09  July 2019

Topic The visible hand: on BJP’s position in the Karnataka political crisis

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Synonyms: catastrophe, change, confrontation, crunch, deadlock
Antonyms: agreement, benefit, blessing, breakthrough, calm

2. Coalition(गठबंधन)
Synonyms: affiliation, alliance, amalgam, amalgamation, bloc
Antonyms:detachment, disconnection, disunion, division, divorce

3. Strength(ताकत/मज़बूती
Synonyms: clout, courage, durability, energy, firmness
Antonyms: cowardice, idleness, inactivity, infirmity, instability

4. Confinement(कारावास/प्रसूति)
Synonyms: custody, detention, incarceration, internment, jail
Antonyms: freedom, liberation, liberty, allowance, permission

5. Shameful(शर्मनाक/अपमानपूर्ण )
Synonyms: dastardly, disgraceful, embarrassing, flagrant, heinous
Antonyms: chaste, good, kind, magnificent, mild

6. Carries(ढोना/साथ रखना)
Synonyms: bear, bring, ferry, give, haul
Antonyms: avoid, dodge, drop, fix, hold

7. Formation(बनाना)
Synonyms: arrangement, construction, creation, design, development
Antonyms: decrease, destruction, disorganization, ruin, stoppage

8. Dissidents(असंतुष्टों
Synonyms: discordant, dissenting, nonconformist, sectarian, dissentient
Antonyms: agreeing, conforming

9. Quell(शांत करना)
Synonyms: annihilate, conquer, crush, extinguish, overcome, put down
Antonyms: build up, compliment, encourage, help, lose

10. Allegations(आरोपों/अभियोग)
Synonyms: accusation, charge, claim, plea, statement
Antonyms: exculpation, denial

11. Rebellion(विद्रोह)
Synonyms: dissent, insurgency, insurrection, revolution, uprising
Antonyms: obedience, orthodoxy, submission, calm, harmony

12. Tainted(भ्रष्ट/बिगड़ा हुआ)
Synonyms: contaminated, corrupted, dirty, infected, polluted
Antonyms: moral, nice, clean, fresh, pure

13. Abduction(अपहरण)
Synonyms: kidnapping, rape, seizure, theft, appropriation

14. Bribery(रिश्वतखोरी
Synonyms: bribe, extortion, exaction, milking, payoff

15. Imprimatur(अनुमति)
Synonyms: charter, permission, permit, sanction
Antonyms: prohibition, veto

16. Turmoil(उथल-पुथल/शोरगुल).
Synonyms: anxiety, confusion, disturbance, riot, strife
Antonyms: calm, calmness, composure, contentment, happiness

17. Relentless(अथक/कठोर )
Synonyms: determined, dogged, ferocious,fierce, harsh
Antonyms: compassionate, easy, flexible, gentle, irresolute

18. Resist(विरोध/बाधा)
Synonyms: abide, combat, confront, continue, curb
Antonyms: OK, accept, aid, allow, assist

19. Collapses(ध्वस्त हो गया/गिरावट)
Synonyms: bankruptcy, catastrophe, crash, debacle, destruction
Antonyms: miracle, success, wonder, creation, good fortune

Synonyms: insecure, jittery, nervous, precarious ,rickety
Antonyms: brave, certain, confident, definite, firm


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