Beyond talaq: On Muslim divorce bill



Beyond talaq: On Muslim divorce bill

India needs a non-sectarian(गैर-सांप्रदायिक,), gender-neutral law that addresses desertion(परित्याग) of spouses(जीवन साथी)
Both Houses of Parliament have passed a Bill making instant(तत्काल) triple talaq a criminal offence(अपराध) , amidst(बीच) persistent(लगातार ) doubts(शंकाओं ) whether it ought to be treated as a crime or just a civil case. It is true that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019, is a diluted(पतला/मिलावटी/कटौती) version(संस्करण) of the Bill as it was originally (मूल रूप से)conceived(कल्पना की।). Earlier, it did not specify(शर्त रखना/विशेष रूप से कहना) who could set the law in motion. Now the offence is cognisable (संज्ञेय ) only if the affected wife, or one related to her by blood or marriage, files a police complaint. A man arrested under this law may get bail, after the Magistrate grants a hearing to the wife. Thirdly, the offence is compoundable(मिलाने योग्य/संयोजनीय), that is, the parties may arrive at a compromise(समझौता।). The government says its main objective(उद्देश्य ) is to give effect(प्रभाव ) to the Supreme Court’s 2017 verdict(निर्णय/मत) declaring(घोषित करना) instant(तुरंत ) triple talaq illegal. It claims that despite(बावजूद) the court ruling, several instances have been reported. Making it an offence, the government says, will deter further resort to triple talaq, and provide(प्रदान करें) redress(दूर करना/निवारण) for women in the form of a subsistence (निर्वाह )allowance(भत्ता) and custody(निगरानी) of children, besides(अलावा) getting the erring husband arrested. However, the core question regarding the necessity(आवश्यकता) to criminalise(अपराधीकरण ) the practice of talaq-e-biddat has not been convincingly(आसानी से/दृढ़तापूर्वक) answered.

In the light of the Supreme Court ruling on its validity, there is really no need to declare instant triple talaq a criminal offence. The practice has no approval in Islamic tenets, and is indeed(वास्तव में) considered(मानना) abhorrent(गैरकानूनी ). Secondly, once it has been declared illegal(अवैध), pronouncing(उच्चारण/शब्द बोलने का ढ़ंग) talaq obviously(जाहिर /शायद) does not have the effect of “instantaneous(तात्कालिक ) and irrevocable(अपरिवर्तनीय ) divorce” as this Bill claims in its definition(परिभाषा) of ‘talaq’. The provisions(प्रावधानों) that allow a woman to claim (दावा) a “subsistence allowance”(निर्वाह भत्ता) from the man and seek custody of her children can be implemented(लागू किया गया) in the event(घटना ) of the husband abandoning( छोड़ दिया/त्याग देना) her, even without the man’s arrest. If triple talaq, in any form, is void(निरर्थक), how the questions of children’s custody and subsistence allowance arise while the marriage subsists, is not clear. And then, there is the practical question of how a man can provide a subsistence allowance while he is imprisoned(क़ैदी/क़ैद किया हुआ). It has been argued(तर्क दिया
/उलझ जाना) by the Bill’s proponents(प्रस्तावक) that dowry(दहेज/कौशल ) harassment(उत्पीड़न ) and cruelty(क्रूरता) towards(प्रति ) wives are treated as criminal offences even while the marriage subsists. It is a patently(साफ़ तौर पर/प्रत्यक्ष) wrong(गलत ) comparison(तुलना), as those acts involve violence(हिंसा) and cruelty and are rightly treated as criminal offences. The same cannot be said of a man invoking a prohibited(प्रतिबंधित/निषिद्ध). form of divorce. The BJP projects the passage of the Bill as a historic milestone in the quest(खोज/तलाश) for gender justice. Such a claim will be valid only if there is a non-sectarian law that addresses abandonment and desertion of spouses(पति-पत्नी ) as a common problem instead of focusing(ध्यान केंद्रित करना) on a practice, which is no more legally valid, among Muslims.


Important vocabulary

1. Specify(शर्त रखना/विशेष रूप से कहना)
Synonyms: cite, define, determine, enumerate, establish
Antonyms: confuse, destroy, neglect, unsettle, discourage

Synonyms: adventure, chase, crusade, expedition, hunt
Antonyms: adventure, chase, crusade, expedition, hunt

3. Provisions(प्रावधानों)
Synonyms: board, chow, fare, feed, fodder

4. Prohibited(प्रतिबंधित/निषिद्ध).
Synonyms: banned, barred, contraband, illegal, illicit
Antonyms: allowed, good, lawful, legal

5. Persistent(लगातार )
Synonyms: constant, continual, endless, enduring, incessant
Antonyms: broken, ceasing, disloyal, ending, inconstant

6. Verdict(निर्णय/मत)
Synonyms: answer, award, conclusion, decision, decree
Antonyms: accusation

7. Subsistence (निर्वाह )
Synonyms: livelihood, ration, sustenance, affluence, aliment
Antonyms: bills, debt, ignorance, neglect, poverty

8. Redress(दूर करना/निवारण
Synonyms: amends, atonement, indemnity, rectification, remedy
Antonyms: penalty,sympathy, damage, destruction, hindrance

9. Convincingly(आसानी से/दृढ़तापूर्वक) 
Synonyms: adequately, competently, sufficiently, suitably

10, Custody(निगरानी
Synonyms: care, guardianship, protection, aegis, auspices
Antonyms: destruction, neglect, waste, freedom, liberation

11. Irrevocable(अपरिवर्तनीय )
Synonyms: immutable, irreversible, permanent, certain, changeless
Antonyms: alterable, changeable, reversible, revocable

12.Abandoning( छोड़ दिया/त्याग देना)
Synonyms:desert, discard, discontinue, ditch, drop out
Antonyms: advance, allow, begin, come, continue

13. Dowry(दहेज/कौशल
Synonyms: endowment, gift, skill, talent
Antonyms: inability, incapacity, loss, weakness

14. Patently(साफ़ तौर पर/प्रत्यक्ष
Synonyms: considerably, conspicuously, decidedly, greatly, notably
Antonyms: insignificantly, unremarkable, indistinctly, unmarked

15. Imprisoned(क़ैदी/क़ैद किया हुआ).
Synonyms: confined, jailed, incarcerated, captive


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