Gender justice: On Unnao rape survivor

Gender justice: On Unnao rape survivor


Poor women are even more disadvantaged as supplicants before powerful men
Nearly seven years after the Nirbhaya tragedy(शोकपूर्ण घटना/त्रासदी) shocked(चौंकाया) India and the world at large, a 19-year-old, who was allegedly(कथित तौर पर ) raped in 2017 by a local MLA in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district, is battling(जूझना/संघर्ष करना) for her life. Hooked to a ventilator, the girl’s latest trauma began on Sunday. She was travelling by car with two aunts and a lawyer from Unnao to Rae Bareli when a truck with a “blackened number plate” rammed(टक्कर मार दी/कूटना।) into the vehicle. Whether it is an accident or not is now a subject matter of official(आधिकारिक ) investigation(जांच), but India has had a history of rogue(दुष्ट/बदमाश) trucks silencing those questioning the system. Since 2017, it’s been a long, difficult road to justice for the family. Two years ago, the girl had gone to Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a four-time “BJP legislator(भाजपा विधायक) from Bangermau, for a job. The teenager(किशोरी/बालिका) accused(आरोप/अभियुक्त) him of “sexually assaulting”(यौन उत्पीड़न,) her, but the family’s cry for help went unheard till April 2018, when Sengar was arrested(गिरफ्तार), days after the girl threatened(धमकाना) to immolate(बलिदान/कुरबान) herself outside Uttar Pradesh (U.P.)Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s residence in Lucknow. In the meantime, her father was arrested in an arms case and died in “police custody”(पुलिस हिरासत). Helpless in the face of such brazen show of power, the family wrote to the Chief Justice of India on July 12, alleging(आरोप लगाया) grave(गंभीर ) danger(खतरे) from the accused. Ranjan Gogoi got to know of the letter only on July 30 and expressed(व्यक्त की) displeasure(नाराजगी) about the delay(देरी करना).

The family did not get any relief from State government agencies, which appear to have been complicit(जटिल /बढ़ावा देना/)in the cover-up, with the MLA belonging to the ruling party. The BJP has come under pressure from the Opposition to expel(निष्कासित करें) Sengar. In the Unnao case, muscle, money power and the right political alignment weighed heavily against the girl. As for crimes against women, U.P. has a high rate, not least because many are reported, unlike in some other States. According to National Crime Records Bureau figures, released in 2016 – the last time data were uploaded – of the 38,947 cases of rape reported, the second highest was from U.P. (4,816). As for all crimes against women, Uttar Pradesh reported 14.5% (49,262 out of 3,38,954 cases) of the total. The Supreme Court has ruled that five cases relating to the issue will be transferred from U.P. to Delhi, and ordered the State government to pay a ₹25 lakh compensation(मुआवजा) to the family. This may bring “some relief(कुछ राहत), even though justice has been inordinately(अत्यधिकता) delayed. Despite(बावजूद) the increased(बढ़ी हुई) focus on women’s rights, nothing changes on the ground. Till such crimes(अपराधों) continue with impunity(माफी) and patriarchal mindsets(मानसिकता) don’t change, as a diverse(विभिन्न) and plural society, India would have failed the girl, and every woman.


Important Vocabulary

1.Tragedy(शोकपूर्ण घटना/त्रासदी)
Synonyms: adversity, calamity, catastrophe, failure, hardship
Antonyms: advantage, benefit, blessing, favor, fortune

2. Rammed(टक्कर मार दी/कूटना
Synonyms: cram, crash, run into, sink, slam
Antonyms: aid, assist, halt, help, let go

3. Rogue(दुष्ट/बदमाश)
Synonyms: con artist, crook, rascal, swindler, villain

4. Battling(जूझना/संघर्ष करना)
Synonyms: argue, clamor, contend, , feud, strive
Antonyms: agree, make peace

Synonyms: arraigned, implicated, incriminated, indicted, charged with
Antonyms: acquitted, clear, discharged

6. Immolate(बलिदान/कुरबान
Synonyms: suffer, surrender, victimize, yield
Antonyms: aid, assist, disallow, fight, help

7. Threatened(धमकाना)
Synonyms: exposed, vulnerable, imperiled, jeopardized, warned
Antonyms: guarded, protected, safe, invulnerable

8. Grave(गंभीर
Synonyms: dignified, dull, earnest, heavy, muted
Antonyms: agitated, boisterous, excited, light, lively

9. Displeasure(नाराजगी)
Synonyms: annoyance, disapproval, dislike, dissatisfaction, distaste
Antonyms: approval, happiness, joy, like, liking

10. Expel(निष्कासित करें
Synonyms: dislodge, drive out, evacuate, remove
Antonyms: absorb, admit, allow, permit, take in

11. Complicit(जटिल /बढ़ावा देना/
Synonyms: conniving, deceitful, duplicitous, scheming, adept
Antonyms: clear, forthright, honest. open, naïve

12. Complicit(जटिल /बढ़ावा देना/
Synonyms: conniving, deceitful, duplicitous, scheming, adept
Antonyms: clear, forthright, honest, open, naïve

13, Impunity(माफी)
Synonyms: immunity, , dispensation, exception, exemption, liberty
Antonyms: denial, prohibition, veto, imprisonment, incarceration

14. Inordinately
Synonyms: ever, more, too, extra, overmuch
Antonyms: essential, necessary, failed, fewer, incomplete


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