Knee-jerk: On Pakistan expelling Indian envoy

Knee-jerk: On Pakistan expelling Indian envoy


Pakistan must reconsider its decision to downgrade diplomatic ties with India
Pakistan’s decision to expel(निष्कासित/बाहर निकालने)India’s High Commissioner, snap trade relations and observe(मनाएं/पालन करना) August 15 as a black day in supposed(माना) solidarity(एकजुटता ) with the people of Jammu & Kashmir is a serious setback for diplomatic relations. Wednesday’s announcements appear to be a knee-jerk(घुटने में झटका) reaction(प्रतिक्रिया) to the mounting pressures on the Pakistani establishment(संस्थान) to respond to India’s executive-legislative(कार्यकारी विधाय) _ actions that whittle down Article 370. Pakistan has consistently described (उल्लिखित/वर्णित)chief ministers of Jammu & Kashmir as “puppets(कठपुतलियों)” and never recognised(मान्य/स्वीकृत) the legitimacy(सच्चाई/वैधता )of the government in Srinagar. Its sudden(अचानक ) concerns(चिंता) about India’s actions in its own territory(राज्य/क्षेत्र ) are reflective(चिंतनशील ) of muddled(गड़बड़ ) confusion(भ्रम). Ironically(विडम्बना ), this is the first time Islamabad has articulated that Article 370 was aligned(संरेखित) with the interests(हित) of the Kashmiri people. Every Pakistani government and the country’s permanent establishment have continued to peddle the myth that they could unilaterally(एकतरफा) alter the status quo in J&K. Now, they feel compelled to respond to the expectations that they have themselves raised in Pakistan Occupied(अधिकृत/कब्जा ) Kashmir. Sections of Indian civil society have legitimate concerns about the actions of the BJP Government in emptying out Article 370 and the continuing(निरंतर) lockdown(तालाबंदी) of the Valley(घाटी), but this does not license Pakistan to interfere in what the MEA correctly described on Thursday as India’s internal matter.

In the days to come, India can expect Pakistan to raise the Kashmir issue at the United Nations, mobilise the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and send envoys(अनुकूल /राज-दूत) to friendly capitals. India is well placed to deal with Pakistan on the diplomatic front given the changed international context. India’s economic(आर्थिक ) clout(दबदबा ) has grown(बढ़ गया है) enormously(बहुत /अत्यंत in the last couple of decades, and given doubts in the Western world about Pakistan’s overt(प्रत्यक्ष/खुला) and covert(गुप्त) support to Islamist terror, New Delhi has the space to deal with Islamabad’s efforts(प्रयासों) to “internationalise(अंतर्राष्ट्रीयकरण)” the Kashmir issue. Downgrading(अपग्रेड करना/पदावनति) diplomatic(राजनयिक/कूट-नीतिक) relations between troubled(परेशान ) neighbours is never a good idea. Neither is snapping(प्रभाव/तड़क ) trade and transport links. India withdrew its High Commissioner to Pakistan after the 2001 Parliament attack, but chose not to send back the Pakistani envoy at the time. However, the Pakistani High Commissioner was expelled by India after the Kaluchak terror strike in 2002. It’s interesting to note that despite all the troubles the two countries have had, High Commissioners have been able to return to their jobs since full diplomatic relations were restored(बहाल/वापस देना) in 1976. In fact, even after the 2001 Parliament attack, India and Pakistan managed to have their High Commissioners back in place by March 2003. Diplomacy is a mechanism to ensure that channels of communication remain open. While India and Pakistan have used back channels in recent years, the presence(उपस्थिति) of seasoned(अनुभवी ) diplomats in Delhi and Islamabad has always benefited(लाभान्वित) the two countries. Pakistan needs to comprehend(समझना/सम्मिलित करना) this.

Important Vocabulary


1. Expel(निष्कासित/बाहर निकालने)
Synonyms: dislodge, drive out, evacuate, remove, belch
Antonyms: absorb, admit, allow, permit, take in

2.Observe(मनाएं/पालन करना)
Synonyms: detect, discover, examine, inspect, look at
Antonyms: disbelieve, forget, ignore, miss, neglect

3.Muddled(गड़बड़ )
Synonyms: blurred, chaotic, convoluted, disorganized, jumbled
Antonyms: ordered, organized, systematic, clear, understanding

4. Ironically(विडम्बना
Synonyms: amusingly, jokingly, absurdly, facetiously, jocosely.

5. Sudden(अचानक )
Synonyms: abrupt, hasty, immediate, precipitous, quick
Antonyms: delayed, gradual, lazy, leisurely, slow

6. Occupied(अधिकृत/कब्जा
Synonyms: employed, engaged, engrossed,. working, active
Antonyms: unoccupied, empty, free, idle, inactive

7. Reflective(चिंतनशील )
Synonyms: contemplative, deliberate, meditative, studious, cogitating
Antonyms: ignorant, unthoughtful

8. Recognize (मान्य/स्वीकृत)
Synonyms: admit, know, make, note, notice
Antonyms: deny, forget, ignore, misinterpret, miss

9. Legitimacy(सच्चाई/वैधता
Synonyms: authority, justice, validity, lawfulness, licitness

10. Envoys(अनुकूल /राज-दूत
Synonyms: delegate, diplomat, emissary, minister, representative
Antonyms: receiver

11. Confusion(भ्रम
Synonyms: bewilderment, disorientation, distraction, embarrassment, turbulence
Antonyms: calm, peace, calmness, happiness, clarity

12. Troubled(परेशान )
Synonyms: agitated, anxious, bothered, concerned, confused
Antonyms: calm, certain, comforted, content, happy

13. Benefited(लाभान्वित)
Synonyms: advance, aid, assist, contribute to,favor
Antonyms: block, decrease, halt, hinder, hurt

14. Snapping(प्रभाव/तड़क
Synonyms: breeze, cinch, ease, picnic, pie
Antonyms: difficulty

15. Comprehend(समझना/सम्मिलित करना
Synonyms: appreciate, assimilate, discernl, envision, fathom
Antonyms: disregard, misunderstandl, neglect, not get, overlook

16. Seasoned(अनुभ वी )
Synonyms: accomplished, competent, hardened, knowledgeable, qualified
Antonyms: ignorant, incapable, inept, inexperienced, unable

17. Reflective(चिंतनशील )
Synonyms: contemplative, deliberate, meditative, studious, cogitating
Antonyms: ignorant, unthoughtful.

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