Words and deeds: On Modi’s I-Day vision


Words and deeds: On Modi’s I-Day vision


Independence Day
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
India needs Modi to infuse meaning to his I-Day vision with action on the ground
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech combined(संयुक्त/जोड़ा) the familiar(परिचित ) rhetoric(बयानबाजी ) with some (कुछ)fresh(नए) thoughts(विचारों ). He spoke at some length about the need for population(जनसंख्या ) control(नियंत्रण), water conservation(संरक्षण ) and plastic use regulation indicating(संकेत) the importance that he attaches to these topics. Some policy(नीतिगत ) measures(उपाय), including the creation(निर्मिति) of a separate(अलग ) ministry, are already in place to deal with the crippling(गंभीर) water crisis(संकट) in India which gets worse(और भी बुरा) every year. Indiscriminate(अंधाधुंध ) plastic use along with the absence of effective(प्रभावी ) solid waste management has already caused(वजह) such ruin to the ecology(पारिस्थितिकी ) that migratory(शांतिदायक) measures are required(अपेक्षित/चाहा ) on a war-footing. He also made the significant(महत्वपूर्ण ) announcement(घोषणा) of creating the position of Chief of Defence Staff, which could improve(सुधार) coordination(समन्वय ) among forces and restructure(पुनर्गठन) the military-civilian relations(संबंध) in a manner(तरीके ) that suits the security challenges of the present times better. His call for people’s participation(भागीदारी/सह-भागिता) in all these and also for development of tourism and local enterprises(उपक्रम/उद्यम) was in the right spirit(भावना). The appeal to produce locally and consume locally may be out of line with globalist prescriptions(नुस्खे) of development(विकास ) but should be welcomed even if it sounds impractical(अव्यवहारिक/असंभव). His first tenure(कार्यकाल) between 2014 and 2019 focused (ध्यान केंद्रित )on the needs(जरूरतों ) of the people while the second one which began this year, he promised, would focus on meeting aspirations(आकांक्षाओं ). Mr. Modi said his government has achieved in 70 days what previous governments could not in 70 years. He struck an optimistic(आशावादी ) note and said poverty(गरीबी ) can be eliminated(हटाना/दुर करना) , and shall be eliminated. As it enters the 73rd year as an independent nation, India needs hope and optimism, now more than at any moment in its recent past.

The triumphalist(विजयी स्वर में) overtones of the speech, however, sought(कोशिश ) to camouflage( छलनी) the gathering(एकत्रित ) clouds(बादलों ) of a crisis(संकट ) in the economy on the one hand and the threats(धमकी/आशंका) to the country’s social fabric on the other. Going by the trajectory the Indian economy has followed in the past, it could well be on the way to be a $5-trillion economy in the next five years. But he chose not to adequately(पर्याप्त ) address the current slump(मंदी) in rural(ग्रामीण ) and urban(शहरी) demand and investment slowdown. There was an attempt(प्रयास ), however, to reassure(आश्वस्त ) entrepreneurs who were apprehensive(भयभीत/शंकित) of the recent burst of tax activism when he mentioned(उल्लेख ) that wealth creators should not be demonised (प्रदर्शन )and he called(आह्वान किया) upon businesses to invest”(व्यवसायों कोनिवेश करने). But while he touched on his decision to strip Jammu and Kashmir of its special constitutional(संवैधानिक ) status, J&K will need quietness and slow time to return to normalcy. There were elaborate(विस्तृत ) mentions of unitary schemes — from the ‘one nation one tax’ that is already in place, to a ‘one nation, one poll’ plan that is in the making. Such overarching plans are central to his vision and the speech reflected(प्रतिबिंबित ) that thinking. But if India is to be on a new course for the better, it needs more than grandstanding from the Red Fort. Deeds must follow words as noon follows dawn.


Important Vocabulary

1. Combined(संयुक्त/जोड़ा)
Synonyms: connected, mixed, united, joined, mingled
Antonyms: uncombined

2. Rhetoric(बयानबाजी
Synonyms: hyperbole, oratory, address, balderdash, bombast
Antonyms: quiet, conciseness

3. Conservation(संरक्षण
Synonyms: care, conservancy, control, maintenance, management
Antonyms: ignorance, neglect, negligence, destruction, spending

4. Indiscriminate(अंधाधुंध
Synonyms: aimless, extensive, haphazard, unplanned, wholesale
Antonyms: planned, chosen, critical, definite, discriminatory

5. Ecology(पारिस्थितिकी )
Synonyms: conservation, preservation, bionomics
Antonyms: destruction

6. Migratory(शांतिदायक
Synonyms: seasonal, transient, mobile, moving, nomadic

7. Participation(भागीदारी/सह-भागिता)
Synonyms: aid, assistance, attendance, cooperation, help
Antonyms: absence, blockage, hindrance, hurt, injury

8. Spirit(भावना)(भागीदारी/सह-भागिता)
Synonyms: character, courage, energy, enthusiasm, essence
Antonyms: apathy, cowardice, fear, idleness, inactivity

Synonyms: aim, ambition, desire, dream, eagerness
Antonyms: apathy, dislike, hate, hatred, indifference

10. Impractical(अव्यवहारिक/असंभव)
Synonyms: absurd, illogical, impossible, improbable, quixotic
Antonyms: believable, logical, possible, rational, reasonable

11. Coordination(समन्वय )
Synonyms: engineering, planning, strategy, organization, plans

12. Adequately(पर्याप्त
Synonyms: appropriately, competently, decently, satisfactorily, sufficiently
Antonyms: inadequately, insufficiently, unequally, unsatisfactorily, unsuitably

13. Elaborate(विस्तृत
Synonyms: busy, complicated, decorated, detailed, embellished
Antonyms: easy, facile, natural, simple, uncultured

Synonyms: afraid, concerned, doubtful, jittery, jumpy
Antonyms: calm, certain, clear, collected, composed

15. Slump(मंदी)
Synonyms: collapse, crash, depreciation, dip, downtrend
Antonyms: ascent, increase, rise, blessing, boon

16. Threats(धमकी/आशंका)
Synonyms: blackmail, hazard, intimidation, menace, peril
Antonyms: certainty, safety, surety


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