Unclear doctrine: On ‘No First Use’ nuclear policy

Unclear doctrine: On ‘No First Use’ nuclear policy

‘No First Use’ is integral to India’s nuclear doctrine and leaves no space for ambiguity
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has been somewhat careful in speaking of envisioning(ध्यान में लाना/परिकल्पना ) a change in India’s nuclear deterrence posture. In place for 16 years, since January 4, 2003, when the doctrine(सिद्धांत ) was adopted(अपनाया गया) formally(औपचारिक रूप से, ), New Delhi has said consistently(लगातार) that India’s nuclear weapons were based (आधारित)on staggering (चौंका देने वाला )and punitive(दंडात्मक ) retaliation(बदला/प्रतिशोध/प्रतिकार,), in case deterrence(निवारण) failed. The retaliation to a nuclear strike, any nuclear strike, whether by tactical or theatre weapons or something bigger, would be crushing(कुचल दिया जाएगा/मुंहतोड़) enough to deter the possible use of nuclear weapons by an adversary(विरोधी). So the theory goes. On the first death anniversary of former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee, and in the nuclear proving(साबित करना,) ground in Pokhran, the Minister said two things: that the no-first-use has served India well so far, and that what happens in future depends(निर्भर करता है) on circumstances(परिस्थितियों ). There ought to be no scope for confusion(भ्रम ) here. Security is, after all, a dynamic(गतिशील ) concept(अवधारणा). It was the security environment(माहौल) in the neighbourhood coupled with the pressure(दबाव ) brought(लाया) by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that forced India out of the nuclear closet and, at the same time, to adopt the no-first-use posture. The structures(संरचनाओं ) associated(जुड़े/संबद्ध) with the doctrine, the command(आदेश ) and control (नियंत्रण)that can survive(बना रहना/जीवित रहना a nuclear strike, the redundancies(अतिरिक्तताओं) that are in-built, the secure (सुरक्षित )communications(संचार), have all been developed keeping in view the posture(आसन ) perspective(दृष्टिकोण ).

But there is a danger that the minister’s remark could spark off a nuclear arms race, given the strategic(रणनीतिक ) paranoias(समानताएं) that have been at work in this part of the world for over half a century. In the elections of 2014, the BJP’s manifesto(घोषणापत्र ) had references(संदर्भ) to an intention(इरादे ) to update and revise the nuclear doctrine(सिद्धांत/मत), but that went nowhere. It is conceivable (मुमकिन/संभावित/बोधगम्य)that nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of non-state actors in Pakistan, but even in such scenarios(परिदृश्य ) that warrant pre-emptive(पूर्व-खाली) action, a nuclear strike cannot be a viable(व्यावहारिक ) option(विकल्प). It would have been much better if Mr. Singh had elaborated on his thoughts so that a debate could have taken place, and not kept his remarks enigmatic. In a nuclear circumstance it is much better to convey the overwhelming(दबाने वाला) nature(स्वरूप) of the deterrence(निवारण) than to keep the potential adversary guessing. In this respect it is a good idea for the government to make public any periodic(आवधिक ) review(समीक्षा) in its strategic(रणनीतिक ) posture(मुद्रा). The no-first-use policy comes with being a confident nuclear power. For him to state the future is open is to say nothing and at once imply(मतलब /संकेत करना) everything. In matters of nuclear doctrine, it is important to be clear above all else. Nothing must be left to interpretation(अर्थ/व्याख्या)

Important Vocabulary

1. Consistently(लगातार)
Synonyms: always, constantly, frequently, normally, persistently
Antonyms: never

2. Deterrence(निवारण)
Synonyms: determent, disincentive, dissuasion, obviation, preclusion

3. Retaliation(बदला/प्रतिशोध/प्रतिकार,),
Synonyms: punishment reprisal, retribution, revenge
Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon, sympathy

4. Crushing(मुंहतोड़)
Synonyms: beat, break, bruise, crumble, mash
Antonyms: put together, uncompressed, let go, pull, release

5. Doctrine(सिद्धांत
Synonyms: attitude, axiom, belief, concept, creed
Antonyms: ambiguity, disbelief, heterodoxy, skepticism, unbelief

6. Staggering (चौंका देने वाला )
Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, astounding, mind-boggling, shocking

7. Punitive(दंडात्मक )
Synonyms: disciplinary, penal, punishing, retaliatory, vindictive
Antonyms: beneficial, rewarding

8. Dynamic(गतिशील
Synonyms: aggressive, changing, charismatic, compelling, effective
Antonyms: fruitless, idle, impotent, inactive,. incapable

9. Circumstances(परिस्थितियों )
Synonyms: assets, capital, chances, class command
Antonyms: debt poorness, poverty

10. Redundancies(अतिरिक्तताओं)
Synonyms: repetition, excess, overabundance, prolixity, superfluity
Antonyms: lack, need, want

11. Survive(बना रहना/जीवित रहना
Synonyms: bear endure, exist, get through, handle
Antonyms: depart, die discontinue, neglect, refuse

12. Intention(इरादे )
Synonyms: aim, hope, motive, objective, plan
Antonyms: discouragement

13. Conceivable (मुमकिन/संभावित/बोधगम्य)
Synonyms: believable, convincing, credible, imaginable, probable
Antonyms: implausible, impossible, improbable, inconceivable, incredible

14. Imply(मतलब /संकेत करना
Synonyms: entail, hint, involve, mention, signify
Antonyms: define, explicate, express, state.


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