Something special: On Narendra Modi’s Bhutan visit

Something special: On Narendra Modi’s Bhutan visit

India and Bhutan have a good thing going; each must take the other’s concerns seriously
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two day visit to Thimphu affirmed(पुष्टि ) a long-standing tradition(परंपरा) between India and Bhutan, where the leaders of both countries have given visiting each other a major(प्रमुख ) priority(प्राथमिकता) early in their tenures. Mr. Modi returned a state visit to India by Bhutan Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering in December 2018; this visit was actually delayed to include outcomes(परिणामों) such as the inauguration(उद्घाटन ) of the 720 MW Mangdechhu hydropower plant. The relationship is indeed built(निर्माण करना/बनाना) on a traditional closeness, one that is unique in today’s world. Open borders, close alignment(संरेखण) and consultation(परामर्श) on foreign policy, and regular, open communications(संचार) on all strategic(रणनीतिक ) issues(मुद्दे) are the hallmark of the relationship that has maintained(बनाए रखी) its consistency(निरंतरता ) for the past many decades. Bhutan’s unequivocal(स्पष्ट/असमान ) support to India on strategic issues has meant a lot to India on the international stage and at the United Nations. Equally, Bhutan’s leadership has not flinched(बच जाना) in opposing(विरोध करना) threats((धमकियों ) to India; for instance, the former King’s efforts(प्रयासों/कोशिशें) in 2003 to drive out ULFA rebels or more recently, support for India’s stand against Chinese troops on the Doklam plateau. India’s assistance(सहायता) to Bhutan’s planned economy, to constructing(निर्माण ) its highest revenue(आय) earner of hydropower generated electricity, and then buying the electricity generated has also ensured(सुनिश्चित ) a symbiotic(सहजीवन ) and mutually beneficial base to the relationship, which has been nurtured by the leaders in both countries, in a manner( तौर तरीका) Mr. Modi called “exemplary”.

It would however, be a mistake for New Delhi to take the relationship with Thimphu for granted. In the past few years, ties came under a strain(दबाव/तनाव) over India’s sudden(अचानक ) change in its power purchasing(क्रय ) policy(नीति), rigid(कठोर ) rates and refusal(इनकार) to allow Bhutan to join the national power grid(जाल) and trade(व्यापार) with third countries like Bangladesh. These issues are being addressed now. Another concern (चिंता/मामला)that could create differences is over Bhutan’s worry that too much trade, transport and tourism from India could put its environment at risk. India’s plans for a Motor Vehicles Agreement (MVA) in the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal grouping have been held up, and a Bhutanese proposal to levy entry charges on Indian tourists could cause(कारण) differences(मतभेद ) with India. Earlier generations of Bhutanese students never looked beyond India, but in recent years young Bhutanese have shown a preference for “education destinations(शिक्षा स्थलों ) in Australia, Singapore and Thailand. There is thus much to repair in the ties. More importantly, New Delhi will have to remain alert to strategic powers which are courting Bhutan assiduously(जुटकर/स्पष्ट रूप ), as is evident(प्रत्यक्ष/जाहिर) from the high-level visits from China and the U.S. In a world of growing options, it remains(बाकी ) in India’s and Bhutan’s best interests to make each other’s concerns a top priority.


Important Vocabulary

1. Tradition(परंपरा)
Synonyms: attitude, belief, culture, custom, ethic
Antonyms: ignorance, truth

2. Built(निर्माण करना/बनाना)
Synonyms: assembled, completed, constructed, created, fabricated
Antonyms: flat, puny, skinny,. weak

3. Consistency(निरंतरता
Synonyms: firmness, flexibility, texture, bendability, compactness
Antonyms: erraticism, incongruity, inconsistency, inconstancy, irregularity

4. Symbiotic(सहजीवन )
Synonyms: agreeing, coacting, coactive, coadjuvant, coefficient

5. Strategic(रणनीतिक
Synonyms: critical, important, key, vital, cardinal
Antonyms: inessential, insignificant, nonessential, , trivial, unimportant

6. Flinched(बच जाना)
Synonyms: balk, blanch, blink, cower, cringe
Antonyms: advance, face, forge, meet, remain

Synonyms: absolute, apparent, categorical, clear-cut, decisive
Antonyms: ambiguous, conditional, disputable, doubtful, dubious

8. Manner( तौर तरीका)
Synonyms: appearance, aspect, demeanor, look, presence
Antonyms: absence, reality

9. Grid(जाल)
Synonyms: framework, network, grate, grill, grille

10. Rigid(कठोर
Synonyms: adamant, austere, definite, exact, fixed
Antonyms: broken, easy, flexible, gentle, imprecise

11. Assiduously(जुटकर/स्पष्ट रूप ),
Synonyms: carefully, completely, comprehensively, conscientiously, earnestly
Antonyms: incompletely, little, partially, partly, deficiently

12. Evident(प्रत्यक्ष/जाहिर)
Synonyms: conspicuous, indisputable, noticeable, obvious, palpable
Antonyms: concealed, doubtful, dubious, hidden, inconspicuous

13. Strain(दबाव/तनाव)
Synonyms: ache, anxiety, bruise,, burden, injury
Antonyms: aid, calmness, ease, health, help

14. Sudden(अचानक
Synonyms: abrupt, hasty, immediate, precipitous, quick
Antonyms: delayed, gradual, lazy, leisurely, slow

15. Refusal(इनकार)
Synonyms: ban, defiance, exclusion, rejection
Antonyms: acceptance, allowance, approval, permission, ratification.


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