Wildlife researchers rediscover ‘Ypthima watsoni’ butterfly after 61 years

Tripura: Wildlife researchers rediscover ‘Ypthima watsoni’ butterfly after 61 years

In Tripura, a team of wildlife researchers has rediscovered ‘Ypthima watsoni’ butterfly commonly known as ‘Looped three-ring’ after 61 years near a village called Phuldungsei in Jampui Hills under the North Tripura district.

Head of the department of Lepidoptera conservation & research division of Wild Tripura Foundation, Suman Bhowmik along with Sandip Malakar and Atanu Bora conducted the research.

The Wild Tripura Foundation of Agartala is a Government registered Trust based in Tripura which has the support and helped to study Lepidoptera diversity of Tripura.

These researchers constantly survey the butterflies in North-East India to document current populations, distributions, and status of butterflies for the past five years.

As part of the long-term monitoring and diversity inventory program, Suman Bhowmik conducted preliminary surveys at different locations of Jampui Hills from 5-7 August 2019, there the species was sighted near Phuldungsei village.

Mr. Bhowmik said Looped Three-ring Ypthima watsoni, 1893 belonging to subfamily Styrene and family Nymphalidae of insect order Lepidoptera has not been recorded for approximately 61 years since its last deion from India.

He said the species was last seen in the year 1958 in Manipur.

The research paper has been published at the Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies.

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